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  1. I've never lost a rig doing a chicken gybe. You lose 1 minute at most.
  2. The 2021-2024 new RRS includes a new provision for the RC to score a boat NSC if there is evidence they did not sail the course. In the past, someone would need to protest. Easier for RC and PC, harder for competitors....but probably fair.
  3. Whomever wrote the SIs made a mistake. That is the RC so if Rambler is protested or scored with a penalty, they have a case for redress. SI 16.2 clearly states that all TSS zones are Obstructions. In Appendix B, the TSS zones ARE listed as Marks. So, the RC created confusion with its document, which is an error or omission.
  4. What ever happened to Sirius II, the 82 sloop owned by the Ahmandson family. It lived in Newport when I was growing up and usually kicked Newsboy's ass in the Ensenada Race every year.
  5. Correct. If you look at the site, the only product they have left is Musto BR2, which is non-Gore Tex shit.
  6. This says Nigel Musto is now working for North. https://webstore.northsails.com/us/en/our-world/ourworld.html
  7. You get this error code in both Chrome and MS Edge. Losing many viewers I bet. This site can’t be reached The webpage at https://www.sailinganarchy.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR
  8. I am shopping for new offshore foulies. I have owned them all over the years.... Slam, Atlantis, Henri Lloyd, Musto, Patagonia, etc. Will be used in West Coast/Pacific so I don't need "Ocean" grade but probably "Offsore" or a robust "Inshore" grade. I like Salopettes, not pants with suspenders. I have been to every web site - Mauri, TeamOneNewport, Henri Lloyd, Helly Hansen, Zhik, etc. Musto is gone, Henri Lloyd all on back order, etc. It appears Covid has put the final nail in many suppliers and makers. North Sails just rolled out some new gear but it is quite pricey. Has anyone boug
  9. When you arrive in Cabo, you must pass a C-19 test before being allowed on a plane. If you test positive (you have it, bad test, bad result, etc) do you really want to be stuck in Mexico for who knows how long?
  10. Sell ad space in each video. Offer the space as an incentive to advertisers who go big, or sell individual spots. Hit up all the yacht brokers who have cool boats listed and get them to pay for a Retro Boat commercial.
  11. Spinlock HRS on new vest I bought in 2020 to replace the one that went down on OEX is a huge advance in this area. The new design from Spinlock has many other features that I love and are great improvments from the Deckvest. I have done 11 Transpacs and over 50 Mexico races so I have been wearing these for many years. The new one is well worth the extra $$.
  12. America's Cup Protocol v7 9.1 "...the yacht of a challenging yacht club be constructed in the country of the challenging yacht club..." Prada Cup Conditions (COR 13) 3.1 "The Protocol and AC75 Class Rule define the eligibility of Competitors, Yachts and Crew."
  13. The arbitration panel is an independent group of 3 international judges with esteemed careers. If they decide to allow the request, I can assure you their careers will be over.
  14. A round robin is a set of races, not a competitor. Attachment 1 says there will be 4 round robins, 1 winner and 2 remaining teams in semis.
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