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  1. I was completely taken aback when I got the news. Service is this coming Saturday: http://www.davenportfamily.com/sitemaker/sites/Davenp2/obit.cgi?user=1388816Vickery Bob was a great friend and a pleasure to sail with. He will be missed. He was looking forward to getting the old VMax (Farr 39 ML) out on the water.
  2. Is the article suggesting a Lock and Dam on the St. Clair River? Lock and dam? No: "Roger Gauthier, a retired Army Corps hydrologist, said in the Sierra Club of Canada release. "Water levels can be restored responsibly by gradually installing sills at the head of the St. Clair River." ".. . .the Joint Commission should be issuing a recommendation within the next few weeks on what - if anything - should be done in the St. Clair." I was having trouble understanding what he was getting at in the article. They want to install "sills" in the river to slow the flow, however t
  3. For those of us stuck in an office--pics tomorrow please!
  4. why On the nose the whole way up - Nothing says fun like 400 miles of hiking to leward FIFY Good luck to all who are sailing up to the island this year!
  5. So I see that Bounder (Sydney 36) has sold. Anyone know who bought her and if she is going to be in Chicago (or where she might be going)?
  6. (917): half the nation just spent an hour watching a balloon fly around. we are officially the dumbest fucking country. Pretty much sums it up...
  7. Brian


    A rabbi and a priest were sitting next to each other on a plane. After a short while, a conversation starts. Priest: "So Rabbi, I understand that you are suppose to not eat pork, but have you ever tried it?" Rabbi: "Yes, there was one time I had a ham sandwich." Priest: "And did you think it was good?" Rabbi: "Yeah, it wasn't bad." Priest (snickering) "Uh-huh..." A few minutes later the conversation continues: Rabbi: "So Father, I understand that you are suppose to remain celebate. Have you ever succombed to the temptations of the flesh?" Priest: "Yes, there w
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