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  1. Just figured I would be social about asking. Occasionally, I may be looking for a band. St Joe is where I found and met the Phreak Show people. No, I had naught to do with the 111's this time. Maybe they weren't thrilled about the last time I judged their NA's.
  2. What was the name of the band? T
  3. It was light air on Monday around 0930, Alice said as much as she could, I said the rest. I spread his ashes over the water about 60/70' away from the can and tossed the bottle at the can. When we edit the video, I'll post it for you. (Getting ready to leave for Port Huron for the other Mac.) It was nice and calm. Too calm, but it was nice for the ash spreading instead of "Drop him, we have to gybe/tack NOW!" I'll miss Wally for a long time. T
  4. For those that knew him, The Wallenator is sailing his last Mac on Saturday on PK4. Give him a wave as we pass each other. He won't finish the race. We're dropping him off with some his friends at Can 3. At least then he can have a beer with Tom and the rest of the guys and watch us go by every year. From PK4- Sail fast and safe. See all y'all at the Island.
  5. Note the memorial for the Wallenator this Friday. T Walter O'Sullivan Jr. Obituary Condolences Walter F. "Wally" O'Sullivan Jr., 55, of Oak Park, formerly of Glenview; Passed away suddenly, August 12, 2016. Loving father of Clare O'Sullivan. Beloved son of Mary Lou (The Late Donald) Steffens and the late Walter F. O'Sullivan. Dear brother of Julia, Brian (Karen), Mark (Ingrid), and Patrick O'Sullivan. Fond uncle of Antonio, Chia, Kevin, Andrew, Margaret and Kyle. Former husband of Kathleen Fleming. Family and friends will meet for funeral mass 3 p.m. Friday, September 16, at Our Lady
  6. He was Irish driver. No beer for Wally, though. He had an interesting history. You would have enjoyed the conversation. I always did.
  7. I'll miss the Wallenator for a long time. Talked with him last week. T
  8. Flight back from Mac We have one seat left. Wheels up at 8AM EDT from Mac Island Airport. Wheels down 9:30 to 10AM CDT at Midway. The above is weather related. If it is too bad to fly, we take the CYC bus back. $300. Ted
  9. PK4 is having a crew organizational meeting this Sunday, the 9th from noon to 2PM, at Columbia. All are welcome. New aspects for 2014 will be discussed. If you are looking for a ride or want to make a change, come by. No commitment necessary. PM me if you want to come so we can get a chair count. T
  10. PK4 (Sydney 38) is doing both Macs and a full season including all the major regattas and most beercans this summer. We are having a crew meeting at 3 PM on this coming Sunday at Columbia, 3rd floor. If you are interested, stop in or PM me. T
  11. Hoghead McDunna's has a back room. Not huge. And they have been a supporter of sailing. What's wrong with Weather Mark? T
  12. R, Thx. Yeah. It seems like yesterday. Great party. T
  13. Ok, now for something more fun. Beach volleyball! There is a prettier version of this that I attached to an email that I sent thru the LMSRF list. Paula Bersie is running the games now. Alice and I are taking a rest from producing the volleyball games on the beach this year. We may sit by the pool and drink. Or, go swimming. Alice has been doing the volleyball games since before I met her 17 years ago. (We just had our 11th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Some of you were there. Robin, I still remember your words that day. Thank you.) The Columbia Yacht Club Sail Fleet presents the
  14. Plus whatever, Robin. Well said. Also, pretty much the discussion I had yesterday with one of our RC at CYC.
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