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  1. Wondering if anyone has been to the BVIs recently? We are taking a trip there March 19-April 4 next year (2022). One week of cruising, send the wives home, then a week doing the BVI spring regatta with the guys. Other than COVID requirements, any updates to be aware of? Hroth
  2. Last race of the season tonight at MYC! Should be a great night on the water. Hroth
  3. Bump...what's everyone doing for Labor Day...often the last big weekend of the season? We are doing Red Fox in Charlevoix. Last year was a blast...hoping for more of the same this year. Hroth
  4. Well, I had my yard do it. So I personally had no trouble Attached is the J-boats package that was offered after the rule change in 2018. It has all the dimensions and such as it sounds like you'll have to do this from scratch yourself if you go this route. Hroth J111 Forestay Conversion Package - Updated.pdf
  5. Here is what that bracket looks like. Then the forestay will have an open turnbuckle. Then you just get a carbo-foil from Harken with a chafe guard. I did the conversion over the winter so the rig was down. And, I did end up getting new euro-jibs with tylaska shackles at the tack to attach. Its not overall cheap but the set up is just much nicer than with the furler. Especially for racing. Hroth
  6. So any new boats will come from France? Bummer. Hroth
  7. You will ultimately want to contact J-boats and get the conversion kit. This includes a new forestay, deck bracket, and harken carbo-foil. Nearly all of the boats I am familiar with have gone this route. I want to say the cost was about $1,500 plus your yard labor to install. I can take some pictures of the bracket when I am at the boat today. Its a much better setup than anything jury-rigged like in your picture above. Hroth
  8. Fun to see so many W. Michigan boats at Ugotta. I sighted Variance (duh), Mas Tiempo, Usual Suspects, Sufficient Reason, and Utah. Some great racing took place. You all should come to Charlevoix for Red Fox on Labor Day! Another great Northern Michigan regatta! Hroth
  9. Well, I guess this thread went nowhere. I guess everyone who cares was at the regatta and not sitting on their computers commenting on a useless thread. Recap: Friday one-design racing was fun with a shifty NNW wind coming out of the harbor. The robotic marks were fun, especially in race 3 when one got away and they had to replace the offset with a standard orange inflatable. J/111s, J/70, and Melges 24s all seemed to have fun and stay out of each others way1 Saturday was "it is nuking out of the SW day." This means long beats to Midbay and long runs to Airport. Fun day but
  10. Watching a few of the GL52s practicing from my window. Today is sort of cloudy but it is supposed to get nicer later. One-design racing starts tomorrow with the GL52s, J/111, J/70, and Melges 24 classes. The Irish Party is tomorrow night after racing. The only real change in the program is no meals being served at LTYC. Anyone else here want to chime in on what you are seeing? Any prognostications? Looking forward to a fun regatta. Hrothgar
  11. Next up...Ugotta Regatta in Harbor Springs. This will be the third consecutive week of our July sailing odyssey. Looking forward to some course racing after a dismal performance in the Chicago-Mac and a great performance in the Bayview-Mac. It'll be fun to have 8 on the boat for kicking around the cans. OD racing starts tomorrow at noon. We have 6 J/111s competing all from different yacht clubs. Should be a blast! Cheers. Hrothgar
  12. Most people I talked with on the island were happy the docking after the Chicago race. So much less hassle when you know where you're going and you don't have to wait for docking control to figure everything out on the fly. Especially useful when finishing late at night with about a million other boats around. In past years that has created a huge logjam where it might take an hour to get a docking assignment. While people may not agree with the practice, CYC was very clear about the relationship between fee payment and docking assignments right from the get go. Not sure why any owner
  13. It was nice this year not being blocked in though, since we have to leave Tuesday evening for Port Huron. As far as Port Huron goes, we secured an island slip for that race too. But that was not based on entry fee payment, it was based on how fast you could get a hold of the DNR after BYC gave us the "secret code" for reservations. Overall, pretty happy with the docking situations this year. Hroth
  14. Leaving for our delivery from Harbor Springs to Chicago for the Mac Race tomorrow about 1 PM EDT. If all goes well, that should put us in Chicago about dawn on Thursday. Should be some southerly breeze but we have dealt with that before. Also some westerly so we can motor sail at least part of the way. Non anticipating any real issues. What are others' plans? Hroth
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