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  1. I applaud CYC for sticking to their promise to assign slots based on entry fee payments! Looks like they have accommodated everyone, and while some boats are being sent to Mac City or St. Ignace, the bulk of the fleet will be on the Island which makes for a fun after-race! Hroth
  2. Yes. But mine will be being re-issued to conform with the J/111 one-design configuration. The re-issue has not come through yet. Hroth
  3. Try Landfall https://www.landfallnavigation.com/pw-solas-flare-hand-held-red.html Hroth
  4. I have a tweener (Code 65) which we use for the double-handed race and some other events conditions permitting. The hit is LMPHRF is -3 for the DHCP only. No hit for the base rating. There is also an ORC hit but since we race one-design in both Mac races this year, I am having my cert amended to exclude the tweener. Got my tweener from Bluffton Bay Sails. Its a North with Helix luff system. Jimmy deals Quantum now. I am sure that is a great product. Hroth
  5. I have now read this entire thread. I feel dumber for having done it...my conclusions: Get the COVID vaccine--it might save your life Get a personal AIS beacon--it might save your life Enter or don't enter the Chicago-Mac race--no one really cares Hroth
  6. We were racing one-design in the Chi Mac for the last several years. Code 0 is allowed as an extra 'spinnaker.' Code 65 is not. But, we do have one which we use for non-one-design racing, e.g., double-handed. Warlock is a class boat. Not much wrong with that picture IMHO. They are all just cold-chilling before the race. Hroth
  7. I am always an early payer...for just that reason. I think Bad Dog and Usual Suspects beat me this year but I am usually top 30. Hroth
  8. I suspect there are still 'negotiations' going on between the Mac Committee and the Michigan DNR regarding harbor use. For Port Huron, we were able to get an assigned slip after BYC negotiated a preference for Mac racers by providing a special access code. You just had to be on the ball and call early to get a slip. We got slip #53. Hroth
  9. Fine, I'll rephrase..."Why would I care what the Bible says?" Hroth
  10. Dude, you have 8.5 times as many posts as I do on this site...if that doesn't make you a professor, I am at a loss... Hroth
  11. You have been smoking too much weed and listening to too much NPR. Get a life loser. Hroth
  12. Who says I'm a Christian? Dumbass Hroth
  13. No, that was all you liberal fucks on the InterWeb shouting down Trump supporters. Hroth
  14. Trust me, I don't need to call you a hypocrite to feel good about myself. It comes from working hard, making something of myself, raising a great family, providing for their college, traveling the world, and owning a cool sailboat. How bout you? You seem like you have to cut others down to feel good about yourself. A sure sign of insecurity. Hroth
  15. It might have been had I gone to class ever... How about you Clean? Ever make a mistake on the Internet? Of course not. You're Mr. Clean. Master of all on some dipshit Website. Good thing no one will sail with you anymore of we'd have to see each other at regattas. Hroth
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