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  1. Loved a masthead tricolor! Better vis, illuminated the windex, also had a strobe and anchor of things got nasty. Kept the deck level lights for motoring, as well as a steaming light on mast.
  2. I went with a fairly fancy master volt system when I did a full rewire. After 7 years some of the fancy mastervolt stuff started to crap out. I really wish I had kept it simple, and not had to replace items that soon.
  3. On the last page of the Swede 55 thread this was posted. autopilot.pdf
  4. MD11C at 27hp...with turbos and hater pipes, maybe...
  5. Pretty wide range of beta marine diesels in various sizes. Weight looks close to Volvo https://www.betamarinenc.com/engine/beta-38-saildrive/
  6. My Swede had an Ample Power smart regulator and the regulator controls alternator output (just like it would for charging batteries effectively) with different modes and charging curves. They had built in the controls for limiting output and stopping charging all together, so it was all done via the external regulator- not an actual disconnect of the field or output wires. It also had something like a 30 second or one minute delay on ramping charging amps after you started the engine, which was very smart.
  7. Some smart regulators will allow you to manually control the output of the alternator. My Swede 55 had a 22hp diesel and a big 165amp alternator. I had two switches- one reduced alternator output by 50%, and the other stopped load altogether. These were “oh shit” switches, when you needed full engine power dedicated to moving the boat. I never needed them, but they were there just in case.
  8. I was going to post and ask about this boat! It was listed on FB marketplace, and I just missed it. Is it really fiberglass or is it a wood boat that was fiberglass’s over? So many questions!
  9. Exactly right. In the second link I provided, you can see the hinge right off the rudder stock. It isn’t a hinge as much as a pivot bearing. So the overall quadrant is made up of two big pieces the part that bolts to the stock, and the arm that pivots.
  10. Here is a diagram of the rudder stock arm. Mine was the 18” arm. http://www.alphamarinesystems.com/alpha_marine_drive_dimentions_and_alignment.htm And a slightly different image here:http://www.alphamarinesystems.com/alpha_spectra.htm it was a cool system- the only downside was that the autopilot didn’t know the ram was disconnected, so you needed to engage the quadrant before turning the autopilot to steer mode. I don’t remember significant limitations to steering angle - certainly nothing that the autopilot would need to handle, as you don’t use it for tight maneuvers.
  11. Here are is the top of the rudder stock. You can see the ram off to the right. The autopilot quadrant was also also made by AlphaMarine, and you can see the push pull lever that disengages the autopilot ram when not in use, so there was no drag on the system.
  12. Rosina had a Nexus autopilot computer connected to an AlphaMarine linear drive, and it would drive well in all conditions. Plenty of room in the aft cabin to install at the top of the rudder stock.
  13. That is my old boat, and I really miss her! Lots of information in the Swede 55 thread about the boats. Fast as hell in the right conditions, and perfectly mannered in all conditions.
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