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  1. Any more info about this beauty? Looks like a great merging of classic and modern lines.
  2. Farr 40 masts leak like a sieve, I have spent the better part of 3 summers trying to reduce/manage it. Best you can do is direct the water to the bilge and pump it over board.
  3. Kim I know you are using an old Farr 40 rig but are you keeping the same J, I, P, E dimensions or did you make any changes?
  4. Use a constrictor clutch, same ease of remote operation but about 1/5 of the price
  5. what's the OD rule on jibs? I noticed some were getting furled, some were getting dropped and Blur left his up. Is one faster then the other beyond being able to use horizontal battens if you drop it to the deck.
  6. If you don't mind sharing, what work are you having done? I saw the picture of the sprit that you posted earlier, but I am interested to know what has already broke or wasn't there that you felt you needed. Boat is going down to Newport, don't know yet exactly when, depends on work still in progress and weather window.
  7. Gets the load aligned vertically, so you don't need to cant the track. Up the rig with the jib sheets? Are you referring to the ways most big boats adjust jib clew location or what?
  8. looking for a little help here... this fall for my college sailing team we have a few small keelboat regattas and would like to do at least one day of practice not in dinghys. Any you guys know where we could do this, J22/J24 colgate 26 etc. We just really need to get on the water in something and practice some boat handling and speed testing. Any help is much appreciated.
  9. So I'm moving to Bath area and was wondering if you guys could give me the deal about gulf of maine racing mostly for big boats. much appreciated.
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