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  1. How do you like the Facnor furler (I guess from the picture) ?
  2. we used to be quite competitive in IRC in our light air area (northern Adriatic Sea) ; now with ORC it's a different story www.furkolkjaaf.net (sorry, Italian)
  3. In my opinion you cant beat the stability, convenience, optimal size, versatility and....diesel engine of the J/92 (or 92S). But I'm biased...
  4. well, actually - that's not the first problem that came to my mind....rather what european bloke was pointing out.
  5. As soon as they learn the game, some "rule beater ORC bandits" will appear, then participation will start to decrease. Been there done that (Italy).
  6. Interesting...no direct experience myself. You mean light air W/L ? Quite common conditions over here.
  7. Anyone having direct experience on how the J/99 fares against the Italia Yachts 998 ? They are similar boats in size and concept. Here in Italy it seems the IY is faster on handicap (not surprising since the IY is known to be an ORC bandit) but also boat for boat, which is less obvious, and regardless of wind strength. Being the J/99 lighter, I'd have assumed it would be generally faster. This does not appear to be the case.
  8. thanks ; I was wondering if fin keel (+ no ballast) is still good for shorthanded sailing ? I guess stability is somewhat reduced re bulbed version
  9. which keel configuration and what are the typical conditions ? (light/medium/strong) - thanks
  10. Not even there. Renewables = unreliable = no future = sorry
  11. what us7070 is describing/pointing out, very much fits what we see here in northern adriatic area...
  12. other problem with both jpk 1030 & sf 3300 (indeed, not with jpk 1010) is aesthetics...very hard to digest (at least for me) - while j-boats are always very good looking boats (at least in my view)
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