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  1. Have some serious looking corrosion on at least one stay where it meets the lower fitting. (Not sure what that’s called). Enough of a concern that I am looking into replacing stays before this year is out. Any suppliers out there that you recommend for replacing. I don’t really have a local river. I want to be able to swap these out one at a time without bringing the rig down. So no sending the old ones away. Hoping to find someone who already knows the length of the stays on a J29 Frac. Is that possible or am I destined to wait til the end of the season after the rig comes down?
  2. Thanks folks. Found the website. HAd no idea. But that system is way overkill for me. Believe it or not we have a 4:1 system right now and its not that bad. 8:1 would seem sufficient for my purposes. Still unsure when or how often the mainsail trimmer is adjusting the backstay over adjusting all the other mainsail controls. Is it often enough to warrant leading the lines to both sides and forward? Id just as soon leave the cockpit cleaner.
  3. First year on my J29 Frac. There are 6 in our club and all seem to have a different backstay arrangement. Mine is simplest of all but doesn’t allow much adjustment and doesn’t lead forward to where the mainsail trimmer can reach it. Is there an optimal arrangement for the J29? til now we just set it up wind and rarely touch it unless the wind changes dramatically. Ease downwind. But I’ve heard of others who play the backstay upwind as much as the traveller or main sheet. Just trying to figure out when I would play the backstay over the traveller or main sheet. And would love a diagram of
  4. Never mind. Perp to the leech looks stupid.
  5. About to place some stick on spreader patches to a new sail. What’s best practice. Perp to leech or parallel to draft stripes or whatever? Wrap around leach a bit or just to the existing leech tape? Or is it all just personal preference.
  6. Just need a little overview of the use of a manual bilge pump. Do they need to be primed somehow? Or do you just stick the removable handle in and start pumping. Are there parts that need maintenance or replacing periodically? HAve a new to me boat going on a mooring soon. Dont want to find out it doesnt work.
  7. I am racing. But I’m not serious enough to make me want to store it in the bow of the boat. I don’t even want to put it anywhere down below. The cubby in the cockpit is what I’m looking for.
  8. Just bought a J 29 with an outboard. While wondering what to do with the gas tank I found a ten year old thread where someone made a molded compartment in the rear end of the cockpit to fit a standard tank. Anyone know if it’s available to buy somewhere or is it a one off. Do I just need to try and make my own or have a local fibreglass guy make one? What’s everyone else do with there gas tanks.
  9. Went with the K1000 from the Binnacle. Hoping its heavy enough. The charts say to go with the K1250. But it wasnt in stock, so no sale. K1000 ended up being Nearly$180 cheaper.
  10. I need/want a boomkicker K1250 for my new to me J29. The closest place to me is charging $100 more than most American places. I want to explore having one shipped from US to east coast Canada. Which places are reliable? Which have you had good experiences with. Which ones to avoid? Canadians, which have you used and not had issues sending to Canada.
  11. Yeah this one has the little protruding pin not quite at the bottom. No screw or debris in the bottom of the socket. just seems like the socket is not quite deep enough. I could grind off the bottom of my handle about 1/16” or be satisfied with it not locking. Or try to send it back. Lost the receipt of course. the old ones that came with the boat have the square thingy that turns to lock it in.
  12. Ok. Thanks. I’ll check that in the morning. Hoping some water got in there and froze maybe. If it’s a screw what’s the fix? File it down maybe?
  13. Bought a boat this fall and my wife was nice enough to buy me a nice fancy winch handle. Just tried it on the boat and found it doesn’t lock in the Barrient 27 winches. Is there something worn out in the winch or do not all winches have the capability to lock the handle.
  14. I know a free boat is never free. But thinking about going to see this anyway. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sailboat/saint-john/fiberglass-sailboat/1519103403
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