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  1. This would be a blast for the price: https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/bull-9000-price-reduced/230323
  2. Sistership to this one? https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/farr-1-2-tonner/227743
  3. Seems to have lost a mast somewhere along the way? I guess that explains the "Misson mast" line in the specs...
  4. To finish first, first you have to finish...
  5. Similar to the National Gallery of Victoria?
  6. Calm just popped up for sale through 38 South - $599,000 ono.
  7. Just a victim of circuspants....
  8. http://rolexsydneyhobart.com/yacht_details.asp?raceEntryID=12841 Valheru now withdrawn as an entrant.
  9. I saw her in Newcastle on Saturday night / Sunday morning so she must have left after that... Mex Was moored off Cobblers Beach in Sydney (below HMAS Penguin) this morning. Headed around into the main harbour about 3pm.
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