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  1. I hate to say this but a lot of what has been posted in this thread is not exactly shall we say best practices. I say that with the caveat my experience with the class is a few years old and that we did experiment with both string and belly cord drops and went back to old school. Simple answer to the original question what is the easiest J88 take down: A gybe dose, not to be confused with a mexican (most of you are probably really doing a gybe dose and calling it a mexican) aim 3 boat lengths above the mark when you are dead up wind of the mark start your gybe, strapping the kite, once
  2. Yes, perhaps the Jury should disregard the World Sailing guidance and also case 138 and listen to you, or perhaps they should do what they are trained to do and experienced in, which is to follow the rules.
  3. Now please show me a rule, case or other authoritative document which indicates any of the incidents you mentioned would justify a rule 69 action.
  4. You are making assumptions, and we all know what happens to people who make assumptions. The allegation at hand was that their AIS was not in working order. From case 138: A protest committee may protest a boat for a breach of rule 2, but it may decide that action under rule 69 is more appropriate, or in some circumstances action under both. Generally, an allegation of an action that directly affects the competition should be subject to protest under rule 2. An action that is considered to be an act of misconduct and that does not directly affect the competition should be s
  5. Perhaps you should actually read Case 134 and rule 69. There is absolutely nothing here to support a rule 69 hearing, nothing, and please find a rule or case to prove me wrong. There has been a tremendous amount of misinformation re the RRS in this thread, honestly over %75 of the rules "experts" are just plan wrong. This was an invalid protest from day one, no ifs and or buts about it, anyone who tells you otherwise is confused about rule 60.2. And just to clarify and remove the avoidance of doubt, a boat that knows they broke a rule and does not take a penalty has b
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