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  1. And if you ask nicely, one of us might teach you one day how to do it. As a bonus, we could teach you how to write properly too.
  2. Oh contraire, the LAST thing I am looking for is more interaction, trust me.
  3. Or not sailors at all. Can't remember too much on the sailing front from the numpty brigade. Which begs the question...wtf are they here for? Edit: sorry, that's obvious, if they act like they do here in real life, they're the loneliest fuckers on the planet and just gagging for any form of interaction.
  4. Hi Estar, I've always had this thing with optimal VMG mode where even though the numbers don't lie and you are making best speed to windward, it sure doesn't feel optimal. It just feels sloooow. I should preface this by saying this is just an observation, I'm not good enough to put science behind it. When pointing high, you are exhausting most of the energy and just riding on the edge of making horsepower out of it. When a gust hits, the boat doesn't respond by transitioning the extra energy into go-forward mode and accelerating. Instead only the slightest bit of energy is ab
  5. This thing about all ULDB’s being horrific going to windward is a wives tale. I loved going to windward on my fat non IRC uldb cruiser. Anything aside from close hauled at 35 TWA is great fun and easy sailing. The only negative is it gets even more enjoyable at angles that get you nowhere. I’d happily go upwind for days, as long as I don’t have everything sheeted to the centreline eking out optimal decimal point vmg. Just because it’s more fun cracking sheets doesn’t mean they can’t go to windward.
  6. Errr...one small problem. There is not one post wishing ill on the crew. Why is that oh erudite one ? In my world,. when you act like a dick your mates will give you a nudge. In case you're a bit dim, I'm giving you a nudge fella. I , like some others here, did read what you linked and bothered to read up on it. Fucked if I know why when it comes with such an attitude, but I did because it's about people believing in something higher than themselves. You could do with some education on how to run a non profit but overall a good cause. Then you add the AJ factor. Over
  7. Err...none of this has anything to do with your point. Or mine. Mikey insults are simply a confirmation all is right with the world. Cows are smiling, grass is greener, Mikey's desperate attempts to use quantity to make quality. How's the serenity?
  8. You make me feel like a pussy Jud. I have a 2:1 main halyard and still put an electric winch on it after manually grinding a 550 ft2 mainsail up and down a few times. It's no probs with crew, but gets tiring by yourself. We had to run a temporary mainsheet once which bypassed the normal 3:1 mainsheet in the boom. I had to swap trimmers every 15 mins, it was so heavy.
  9. Well, AJ is doing his best to ensure goodwill and promotion of their message. Vets for Peace (or AJ?) marketing philosophy....passive/aggressive insults always win out in the end.
  10. And THAT is why you have a 6 pack in an esky on the back seat when you're driving out West.
  11. Wise words, thanks Sloop. The level of stupidity is kinda hard to let slide sometimes.
  12. Oh fuck off Mike. I live in the real world where coal has had warning signs all over it for oh....a couple of decades? Last time I checked, part of running any successful organisation was the ability to forecast your future sales. I have had to write off tens of thousands of dollars of investment due to swings in a market more times than I can count. That''s business and I knew my market intimately. I've carried hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients (including the USA government) where the winds have shifted and they go slow/renege on those contracts. Market relevance of a p
  13. There is always been the French getting pissed at the English over fishing rights, it's almost like a national past time. Used to be a trawler or two blockading some ports entrance, a few bumps, lots of shouting then they go back to being neighbours all over again. Next.
  14. That was part of my check list too when I bought my last boat. But add cruising weight, then make sure you don't need too much sail up to still carry the higher average speed you are trying to achieve. Or you're going to feel like a dick for buying a boat that is too hard to manage the optimal sail plan for the conditions. In light to medium airs, my 2100 ft2 loose luffed kite is awesome, but my wife is shit scared of it as it's too big for her. Ergo: we don't use it when family cruising. I must admit its a lot of sail area if things go pear shaped quickly. (putting a sock back on it was
  15. Another way to make the decision is think of it like buying a family horse. The old adage of Horses for courses 'n all. Arabian Horse The ideal endurance horse is fast but doesn’t tire easily. They also need to have plenty of stamina as well as the ability to recover quickly. Some races are run over the desert so the capacity to perform well under extreme heat is highly beneficial. Sometimes called the Bedouin horse, the Arabian is the ultimate endurance horse, especially across the desert. For thousands of years, they’ve been bred by the nomadic Bedouins who needed a sturdy wa
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