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  1. you AGREE with my thesis that society is immature and that we need to tackle the root causes of the behavioral problems that manifest itself in this sort of senseless violence Yep. while at the same time calling it a "brainwashed clown mindless mantra"? No. The brainwashed clown persona part.... You are entitled to your own opinions..... but not your own facts. I didn't state any facts you muppet. My reference to 'in the house' is a reference to guns in society which even a twelve year old could work out. The fact that I have to point that out to you is proof of yo
  2. Nothing ironic about it at all. You make a lot of sense most times, until someone hints at guns=part of the problem. Then you just shut down and revert to a brainwashed clown mindlessly repeating your mantra. Thats absolutely displaying a lack of cognitive ability. You should try hypnosis, maybe its some repressed bullshit but its obvious as fuck you are hyper sensitive about it and shoot your mouth off before you stop and think.
  3. Agree with all , except the oversized chip on the shoulder when it comes to guns. The sheer mention of the word causes you to lose cognitive reading ability and just spit out your usual mantra even though it has fuck all to do with the point being made. You do it all the time. Its like watching a bull and a red cape sport. Just saying.
  4. Wtf are you on about Jeff? You just reiterated my point you numpty, as a society you don't have the emotional maturity to be trusted with handling weapons. You need you ears cleaning. Fucking own facts my arse. Incapable of listening and jumping to supposition all because you have this enormous chip on your shoulder. What a shame.
  5. Its pretty evident that most societies aren't emotionally mature to handle lethal weapons in the house. This tiresome bullshit about self defence implies some childish idyllic fantasy about the cowboy in a white hat standing up to the nasty cowboy in the black hat and protecting his girl/family/town. In reality, it's self-entitled fuckwits incapable of controlling their emotions and as soon as the red mist descends a gun gets pulled they dont have the emotional maturity to handle. With the inevitable consequences. Pretending otherwise is kinda juvenile. John Wayne has a lot t
  6. That all you Ozzistas, Europas, Sud Americanos, Asianos, Africanistas and etc. are all lesser forms of life . . Simple. Because we don't need to have the biggest penis to feel good about ourselves. Class snobbery is a European and US thing who's influence is only still prevalent in our two biggest cities. If you feel superior and your lifestyle sucks, we'll take door number - feeling ambivalent and enjoying a great lifestyle- thanks very much. We're having a fat time irrespective of said sneers. What is wrong with you ?? Because we're still mates as well as a
  7. 100% agree, we do not play in the big boys sandpit, we have our own little one waaay down the other end of the oval that is a much nicer place. We get the Chinese come over from yours to visit and kick sand in our face all the time. Problem is of late that the wind keeps blowing the wrong way and fucking it up for them (see Aus coal exports) As for your big boys sandpit, its a fucking disaster. And you keep inviting us over to help you fix it, which as mates we have dutifully done for oh I dunno...the last 70 years? We don't mind helping out, but if the Chinese get the shits a
  8. If there wasn't a gun, one or both would be nursing a few bruises on jaws and the kids would have a chance at growing up as normal kids.
  9. I like the dark blues but locally it's too hot for the topside colour. So one has to make some compromises
  10. Yep, bastards. I was thinking about possibly another one but on a syndicate, but that all sounds too hard. Maybe we could copy the universal car thing. Make it so every boat in the marina is up for use. I would move to wherever there is a Cookson 50. As a minimum, all stink boats should be up for grabs. Some of the local ones could benefit in actually moving occasionally.
  11. Whilst I'm as competitive as the next chap, I like the idea of my crew enjoying their racing as well. Whilst warp speed and being fire hosed wrapped around a wire is good for pickle dishes, high speed and being comfortable makes racing so much more fun.
  12. Looking at the accused at the reading of the verdict, butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. I look at them and see arrogant ignorant racist scum that hunted another human being in suburban streets. Fuck you Georgia for the two months that lapsed between the killing and these mongrels being arrested. The bittersweet irony is that ol Dad was the one that leaked the video that largely helped put them away. Because he though it would 'ease racial tension and make them look good'. Unbelievable.
  13. I try really hard Joker to listen to your POV. But when you write shit like this it's throw hands in the air time. The remedy for the BLM protests is to stop killing black people under barely warranted circumstances. The remedy for Jan 6 is hand over a fucking country. And you seriously think the BLM protests were worse? Or is it simply the red mist descending and you're just lashing out with some bullshit snarky response you don't really mean? Cos even from a simpletons point of view .. that comment is just waaay out there.
  14. My late grandfather will be happy to here his efforts 'didn't have much impact'. You really haven't travelled much have you? LIke Mel, your posts are just meaningless fill between the often erudite and informative posters on here. I went to Murmansk once to see for myself. It was the winter that stopped Germany, just surviving can be challenging, fuck knows how they managed to sail and fight in that environment. I took my daughters up the coast to visit the memorial for the Arctic convoys and told them about some of the stories from their great grandfather. My eldest daughter makes
  15. Go read about the Arctic convoys you muppet. Fuck me. I mean how blinkered can you be.
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