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  1. And then there is Purity Hard Bread... Will last for years if kept dry, but you need a hammer to break it up to eat. Lost
  2. Thanks Very interesting boat. Lost
  3. Can anyone id this lovely looking boat. From the North West Arm in Halifax on the weekend. The name has been removed. Cheers Lost
  4. Not Rock but I have always loved it. Good movie too.
  5. I self nominate for the position on Relm Architect. The Gulags must be built. Lost.
  6. I have steel wheels for winter and the skirting has survived numerous tests. Gets driven hard on unpaved roads. Lost
  7. Six year old Subaru WRX. Six speed manual. Lots of fun in the snow. Only 100K Km on it so can not bring myself to change. Lost
  8. It is much worse than you think. We agonize over changes that would likely only give minuscule performance improvements, like less than 1 percent . We overspend on sails and lines that until recently had to be considered disposable after a short life span. We paint our hulls with the latest go fast magic and then sand it all off. Hours are spent recruiting, training and encouraging crew to donate their finite time. All to come in behind some one who is a much better driver or caught the lucky shift. Did I mention that as the owner/skipper most of the labor and all
  9. Thanks for the info. I had to reboot my XXXXbook account as I have not looked at it for a long while. Lost
  10. With a little heat it will be carbon. Lost
  11. Do you have a link? I looked and could not find any mention. Lost
  12. Personal Webcam http://www.hartcomm.ca/webcam.html Lost
  13. Do you have a picture or drawing of this set-up? We were experimenting with our #3 today with a temporary set up to sheet the sail inside the shrouds and it worked well. Lost
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