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  1. Not meaning to quibble but, generally we speak of a character actor as one who provides a performance in a supporting role. DDL is a great actor for sure, but he's rarely a supporting actor, primarily a lead. And really, BC's line should actually read "Beatty was the definition of great character actor."
  2. Yeah I wouldn't. Things are looking up here, but Manitoba is in really bad shape, Alberta not much better. BC getting fewer cases, but like Nova Scotia that could change in a heartbeat. The most recent schedule (barring any variants explosion) is: -June - 15 BC folks can travel outside of their own health region within BC. July 1 - Canadians can travel for recreation inter-provincially Sept 7 - Return to large events (concerts, sports) So no legal international travel in sight although as GS suggests, who knows what the Feds will do. Although there is a lot of public supp
  3. FWIW - Portable gobos (sound baffles); a few 4x4, 6x6 - sound proofed amp containers of baffles. - at least a pair of Neuman 184 (or similar like AKG 451, Shure SM81) for close mic'ing string instruments. - If dollars available, pair of AKG c414's - at least a couple of Beta 58's because there are just some voices that don't work well with condensers. YMMV cheers
  4. Nothing left showing last times I've been in to Winter Cove. Mind you I didn't have a dinghy or kayak with me so I was staying well away from there.
  5. Hang in there Hobot! Obviously we're all pulling for you. Hating how much this sucks for you man, but hey, aren't you a tough old nut? Brother, you can beat this.
  6. So long S. Clay, thanks for your work. https://newdeaths.com/2021/02/09/s-clay-wilson-death-obituary-envelope-pushing-underground-comix-icon-s-clay-wilson-has-died-funeral-dead/
  7. Oh ... oops! My bad. Brain fart. Complete utter brain fart.
  8. He was a wonderful actor, a real treasure. From his stunning stage performances (I've only seen the recorded ones, never in person unfortunately) to his film & TV work, definitely worthy of note. And come on, Barney Miller was funny as heck!
  9. Definitely Borgen! Really well done. And if you're ok with subtitles, "Call My Agent". For more comedy try "Derry Girls" Shetland is fairly decent for a Brit (well Scot) drama. Also Hinterland (Welsh) Scott & Bailey, Brit female detectives. Not sure if it's on N'flix just now. We were doing Ozarks, but it just got more and more off the wall. Which is a shame 'cuz it's a great cast.
  10. Yes, 3? times so far this year, major reno's/landscaing stuff. Beginning of Sept heading out for a week or so, more daysails in the next few months. *Last time out could not get the boat up over 4 knots in 15 knot winds. Obviously some gardening happened on the bottom!
  11. We AmeriCanadians all need to realize that using a bike is usually a heck of a lot faster getting around most cities/towns, is way more economical & healthy, and oh yeah is way better for helping to fight climate change.
  12. Ummm ... first off, we don't want you to do that. We want you to do the actual 14 days quarantine because we don't need folks bringing Covid-19 across the border. Secondly, ask the folks that just got nailed with $8,000 worth of fines for doing just that. It's not that we don't like you, but we really don't like your spike in Covid cases and the lack of concern from the authorities about controlling it. Sadly that's just the way it is right now. Even people with Alberta plates are getting hassled.
  13. WTF is up with all this titty smackin'? Are women supposed to be liking this? Really?
  14. Another of the great hockey players from the golden age of the NHL has gone. Sad news. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/henri-richards-legacy-told-numbers-defined-career/
  15. Just passed the 100k mark on my V-strom 650. Essentially a commuter with occasional trips. Due to my location I ride most days except when there'd black ice or really heavy rain possible. Every now & then start to get wishing/looking for a newer ride but then ..... why? Great bike, 120km/hr on the highway @ around 5500/6000 rpm, just easy as pie.
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