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  1. Amazing. I keep thinking back to The Race with Phillips, Cheyenne/PS, and the Multi-plast boats... just how much more efficient these boats are, now. Watching them sail it, it looks like they have much better vision that you would think just by looking at the boat.
  2. Now that's the attitude! But seriously, I do not believe it is his wording, but rather his point. He seems to be claiming (regardless how the words being clunky) that foilers can't go a week at pace similar to IDEC, and that they really don't have many areas where they have an advantage. That is reason, not wording.... with that, I trash/flame away! By the way, my MO is to have a very forgiving attitude on message boards... if Symbio makes a great point in his next point, I will ignore what he said in his previous post and give him props. Hell, I did that with DougLord all the ti
  3. Just saying that photo makes it look like it is digging in badly, but in actuality the boat just cuts through that without significant slowing. Maybe they will end up going with longer foils, but I'm guessing that comes with its own hazards... to start with having longer foils dictates more leverage and higher stress on the foils and linkages. Also, having the boat higher can result in the boat having more height to come down from... that could lead to much more dramatic crashes off the foils. Maybe the best compromise is to have the boat more frequently skipping off the water or havin
  4. Huh? What does that have to do with people getting pissy about sharp comments? Did anyone suggest no one talk about tech of the boats? Nope. Symbio came in making claims that are not founded as if he had some data to back it up, did so in the face of all the best designers moving in the direction of these foiling concepts, and doing so ignoring that Gitana was NEVER trying to go full top speed, but rather always balancing their tempo with preserving the boat and optimizing the routing for the systems that were available to them. He rightly got called on it. Then wankers come in to I gues
  5. On the video where that capture comes from, that "nose dive" is no where near as bad as it looks in the still image.
  6. Might we wait to see the cause of the damage before jumping to conclusions? If they hit something large, it (foiling) is probably irrelevant. If it is fatigue from foiling, it is then a valid point that has to be handled, just like all technology. Just like they learned about the cavitation damage on the TJV withdrawal. This was the first time that a sailboat foiled on the open ocean for 10K miles. The point I was making is that people like Symbio who thinks that technology advancing happens smoothly, or if there are setbacks the design is the wrong idea, are ignorant. Ooooh, sorry h
  7. When did Sailing Anarchy become a "nice" place?
  8. Cue the Symbio idiot to claim that the damage is because the boat is a foiler.... making such claim without knowing a damned thing whether the rudder component that broke has anything to do with foiling, and ignoring that the boat was not doing anything "foiling" that a waterborne boat wouldn't have been doing.
  9. Great new video.... clearly they are not going as fast as they possibly can, but rather they discuss the challenge of finding the right speed to go. By the way, amazing how much more comfortable these boats are now in the Southern Ocean than just a few years ago. Basically, even in the Roaring 40s, one guy has his head out in the elements, and the rest are almost always tucked away in a comfy cockpit with relatively light clothes on. https://www.facebook.com/GitanaTeam2017/videos/225721242480049
  10. " Schematically, these pure foiling Ultims, are just a tad quicker from around 70° to 130° of the wind, with a swell under about 2 meters. Beside that, these boat are significantly slower. ..." Dude, you are trying way too hard to sound like you know what you are talking about, and doing so pissing against the wind of the very best offshore boat designers all coming around to the same design basis... foiling boats. Fact of the matter, a LOT of the track for these offshore boats is in pretty ideal conditions for the foilers, and where it is not ideal, the data we have is that they ca
  11. Gitana has been extending its lead for the past few scheds, so doing very well at this point. It will be very interesting to see how this Indian Ocean set of systems matures.
  12. Yeah, no. If you have been following this for any period of time, you will know that all boats have always had failed attempts due to breakage, collisions, etc. Every generation gets quicker, although yes there are more things that can break. But the thing is you have to beat the previous generation, and to do that with anything other than luck, you need to be able to go faster, faster overall, not just in one sea state. These boats are much faster in marginal conditions, not necessarily the worst or best conditions... they have the ability to transition faster, to be able to catch lows be
  13. Yep, have to figure their jibe will be VERY soon with a 32knt speed but only 6.5vmg, and the wind tailing off very soon.
  14. The other factor relative to how fast they want to push it on a RTW race, with these new boats, is cavitation damage on the foils. Gitana is going to be particularly sensitive to this given they had to give up one race, already, due to cavitation damage. No sense in going those few extra knotts that may compromise the foils in a race that is 40 days long. They can always try to do a North Atlantic / 24h record attempt.
  15. Gitana is hammering the Southern Atlantic... I would think they will easily shatter the Start to Good Hope record and the Equator to Good Hope record.
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