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  1. Pilots Point is in Westbrook, another 6-7 miles down the Sound…Old Saybrook is CT River. Don’t know if you feel like anchoring, but the Thimbles in Branford are beautiful a bit past Westbrook. You’ll think you’re back in ME. Enjoy the trip down the Sound.
  2. Weren’t all the boats infused, therefore the resin was weighed, etc. I think there were a lot of owner requested differences, but 4500# on a 6500# boat.. really?
  3. The double rudders were really clunky and offered no feedback. Single rudder made the boat feel completely different, much nicer boat to drive.
  4. Wasn’t suggesting he just go to NE. My experience is go directly to that area, basically as far East as you want to be given the limited time. Then work your way West through Penobscot Bay back towards Boothbay/Portland and then slog home. For example (and there a lot of other great places) direct to NE/SW Somes Sound Burnt Coat Seal Bay/Winter Harbor Brooklyn Or Vinalhaven Castine Pulpit Or Dark Harbor Vinalhaven Camden/Rockport Port Clyde Pemaquid Boothbay head home the idea is to not waste days stopping along
  5. If you only have 2 weeks, I would recommend: 1. Skip Nantucket 2. Go straight from WLIS to NE Harbor. guessing from the mileage you’re showing, you’re around Westbrook? 90nm to canal, get fuel in Sandwich, if needed. 180nm to NE Harbor. Guessing that would be 40-45 hours for you. You are as far East as you need to go and have some of the nicest places in Maine to see and you are there with the most time available to you to enjoy.
  6. Nice. Looking forward to seeing pics.
  7. bump... how's it going?
  8. Thanks. So many of the original unstayed rigs ultimately get replaced by something traditional. theory vs. reality issues. Yes, she has an unstayed rig.
  9. Does she still have the unstayed rig?
  10. +1 a friend on a j120 uses it for this very reason.
  11. Ajax - look at post 143... all chain with the Bruce.
  12. The Spade aluminum A140 is the size of the 30kg/66lb anchors, but weighs 15kg/33lb. It comes apart into two pieces. Still seems like it fits the bill really well for FL and intended use. Large holding area, easier to store, lighter weight. BTW, I have a 60lb Manson, so not talking my book.
  13. bigger is better, up until it either doesn't fit on the roller, or is too large to handle. For FL, given the strict attention to weight, you might even consider an aluminum spade.... lots of surface area for the weight, and as Panope's videos show with the Fortress, aluminum works just fine.
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