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  1. i agree it can be a problem - but it hasn't been paracord is nylon - it's not too stretchy? i might want to have a mousing line in while i'm sailing - it needs to be taught. i guess it's cheap so i can give it a try...
  2. what's good? i have some of the NER 1mm polyester cord and it is always a kinked and tangled mess - i hate it. i see inexpensive nylon cord, but i am worried it will be too stretchy
  3. but if i want to get one of the system packages.., do i have a choice of sensor length?
  4. I am pretty much ready to give up on my Tacktick system I replaced the battery and the bearings on the wind sensor - but now it won't pair with the display. Anyway, I am thinking of getting a B&G Triton 2 system, and I am wondering, what is the chance that I can just plug the new B&G transducer into the housing for the Tacktick? Replacing the housing will mean hauling the boat, which I don't want to do now.
  5. no, the target BSP is for the _optimal_ TWA.., the TWA at which you make your best upwind VMG in the current TWS.., not your current TWA
  6. this is not correct in expedition, you do not need an active mark for either polar bsp or target bsp polar bsp is simply the polar bsp at whatever TWA and TWS you are in. for target BSP, expedition decides, based on the TWA, whether you are sailing upwind, or downwind, and then chooses the appropriate target.
  7. if you can display a target BSP.., a polar is loaded, and if it's not displaying a target, then something is wrong. maybe restart the H5000 also, you are showing a TWA of 16 - maybe that's an issue i never actually use polars loaded in the H5000.., i use expedition and usually send targets to the displays from expedition if i want to display targets - so i'm not really certain how it handles the TWA=16
  8. i'm not on a boat now.., but i can tell you the important steps... first - making the H5000 polars and loading them to the H5000 are different things.., one could make the h5000 polars in exp, but still load the file to H5000 with an sd card - not that there would be any reason to do that if you have a websocket connection... so, assuming you have polars that are properly formatted for expedition.., and that they can be loaded and function as the active nav or performance polar in sail > polars... go to the instrument menu and select the H5000 websocket network - you don't ac
  9. you can't make H5000 polars directly from ORC polars Yes - you need 10 windspeeds csv file the TWA angles must be the angles in the H5000 example table in the manual; 20, 30, 40, and so on - you can not have 52.., or 75... at least that's my understanding of it if you have expedition - use it to make the table.., it makes tables that work in H5000 from polars formatted for expedidtion, which you can make from ORC tables If you don't have expedition - get someone who does, to make the file for you.
  10. i've heard that when many generators are connected to a utility natural gas line, and they all go on at pretty much exactly the same time in an outage.., that the gas pressure drop is very large and it does damage to the generators. is that true?
  11. Xweb is not an iridium product it was done by GMN, who also did Xgate - the optimized email program for handset and Go GMN has been sold, so it's not clear what will happen with some of the software i never tried xweb with the go or the handset- i just never figured it would be worth trying to browse with such a slow connection
  12. I have a Go, and I guess I just never found that the connection was always on in the way the FBB is. The Inmarsat has varying advertised speed depending on which uinit you get. The FBB 150 is 150kbps, the FBB 250 is 250kbps... The Fleet One is supposedly the same hardware as the FBB 150, and so is capable of 150kbps, but inmarsat controls the actual operational speed in a way that is not entirely clear to me. I have used the FBB 150, and the Fleet one definitely seems slower on average, but nevertheless offers a considerable increase in speed and convenience over the Go.
  13. I have lately been using the Inmarsat Fleet One - there are a variety of manufacturers, and resellers. The hardware is pretty inexpensive, and I think it's the same hardware as the fleet broadband 150, which I have used a lot in the past. Fleet one has a coastal unlimited plan at $250/month, which is pretty good. The coverage is limited, but on the US east coast it extends to bermuda. I think they will throttle the data after some amount of usage. you can switch to a global plan, or other coastal plans. there is no contract for the $250 plan, but there is a charge to re-sta
  14. I finally have the whole thing back together: it spins fine. I also replaced the battery. now though, it won't complete the auto-network process; the display counts down from 60 to 0, and nothing happens... i kind of wish i had put a multimeter on the new battery - just to check, but is it possible the new battery needs to be in the sun for a while? It was in the box in my house for a few months after I bought it.
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