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  1. not sure i understand what you think is the problem... most cruising boats have the jib/genoa on a furler. wing and wing - main rigged with preventer, and jib poled out to weather is very easy. you can roll up the jib with the pole still attached.., and leave it attached.., and roll it out when you want it again... with one person on watch, it's easy to roll the jib when needed - do that in a squall, and reef the main if needed. i usually don't roll the jib all the way - even if it's not a "reefing jib", it will still be okay DDW, but many cruising boats do have reef point
  2. I've posted about it before. I've had many pieces fail because of goretex delamination, and some have been replaced; Musto salopettes , Kokatat (same drysuit replaced twice), DuBarry boots... Henri LLoyd refused to replace an expensive offshore jacket. i didn't contact goretex directly i also had a Zhik salopettes replaced but i think that was not real goretex. anyway- I think that those of us who have had repeated failures of goretex would rather they just came up with something that worked, rather than telling us we can go through the hassle of trying for a replacement. At a m
  3. what is "Gore Tex Pro".., and how does it compare with "Mil Spec" as used in the Mustang gear? my biggest problem with foul weather gear has been failure of the Gore Tex through delamination
  4. the other boat in the picture is a J/133 - it looks pretty sheeted in, and their angles don't seem all that different...
  5. on video you can _clearly_ see that they sail into a hole, with several kts less wind than ETNZ. the "fuck up" was not seeing the hole - which I think would have been tough to do given all that's going on. In the end, i think it's mostly bad luck
  6. I should have stopped posting and just kept figuring it out - but maybe it will be useful to someone else i ended up having to hammer the pin out. I used a small diameter nail punch. the black and gold spinning disc came out, exposing a black washer that is held in by two screws i removed that and i can see the top bearing. There is another at the bottom. in my case, the one at the top spins well, but the one at the bottom - close to the cups - is frozen. I was able to pop the top one out by tapping a screwdriver against it from the back side. The bottom frozen on
  7. I got the little retaining clip off, but can't get anything else out how do i get to the bearing?
  8. okay- I got it apart... now I need to remove the bearing do i pull on the cups? do i pry that little retainer clip off?
  9. So - I am only just getting around to doing this. I found four screw holes - they appear to be T5 screws. I loosened them, but they don't seem to actually fall out - are they captive some how? I can't get the two pieces apart.
  10. with no passing in these boats.., LR had already lost the race so there was no reason not to go for it...
  11. reading through the thread again.., i am not sure that everyone is using "pitchpole" in the same sense. to me, it is a specific type of capsize, where the leeward bow dives and the boat tries to go end-over-end. I think upthread, one or two posters might be using pitchpole as general term for a catamaran capsize My first boat was a Hobie 16 - and this could pitchpole easily modern cats have hulls designed to go through waves - so called "wave piercing" hulls, and I think are pretty unlikely to actually pitchpole. The biggest danger is having the leeward blade too far down,
  12. i think it's not clear. Both the boats and the narrow course greatly favor the boat ahead, so of course leads tend to just grow. I think it's potentially a problem for the racing format. The boat behind just doesn't have any weapons. Something needs to be changed to give the trailing boat a chance.
  13. deleted - i misunderstoood your comment
  14. there is very little pre-start engagement in these boats nothing happened tactically in that pre-start that i don't see in pretty much every race i do. high-level match racing once had quite a lot of pre-start engagement, with continual attack and defense what did this race have? A luff on the starting line - big deal...
  15. not compared to actual match racing
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