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  1. I am currently waiting for the discussion on spin pole dims to start.....
  2. Regardless of topside color or LOA, it's always good to see that Ron Jeremy is getting some time out on the water:
  3. They don't have one of those. Extremely strict on "Members and guests of members only" Expect polite refusal over the phone.
  4. Spike:

    My son Spike got his name from Spike Owen. His older brother piced it out for him when he was 4 years old. He stayed Spike.

    Bob P.

  5. Excellent. Thanks for the clarification. (In retrospect, it's pretty obvious) Please note: I have never, ever, ever, ever, thought of Captain Concrete, and 1st mate Ms. Moron as any type of sailor. Ditto on the Submarine Anne as any type of sailer/ schooner. Do you think they remembered to pack the cool aid, the purple space square and the white Nikes? You know, just in case........
  6. Have you been watching Kevin Costner in "The Notebook" again? I recommend you stop. On a side note: is "sailer" the word, or is it "sailor"? it's been used more than once in this argument/ conversation so I assume it's not a typo. Just curious. For the record I'd have to agree with Elle. I have been through all those points (no breeze. too much breeze, breaky breaky, endless delivery, etc.) and I have definitely classified some days as "bad" in some way or another
  7. I've been following this and laughing for most of it, but I nearly fell off my chair with this one. Did old Reid buy her a valentine's day wardrobe? But seriously, I know whenever I go offshore, I never let the ladies leave without their high heels, they are a godsend on night watch. P.S. Who else do we know that likes to wear a lot of latex and edible garments?...........That's right kids! Strippers and Hookers!
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