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  1. This is the wording I've used as the captain of a LLC-owned vessel in Mexico (Ensenada) without issues. letter was on company letterhead and needed to be signed by LLC owner and notarized. The notarization is important, and make sure that the spelling of everything on the letter (owner's name, boat name, etc) matches the spelling on the vessel registration. Make sure that the TIP is on the boat as well for clearing out. In my experience no one gives a shit coming into the US, but doesn't hurt to have the letter. To Whom it may concern: Please be advised that MY NAME is authorize
  2. The latest is that the charity (John Wayne Cancer Foundation) that they claimed they were in partnership with has told them to stop using their name as there was no agreement between them.... Insurance company pumped the fuel out of the boat, but no more - a liability only policy?
  3. Hey Jud - have you thought about doing a double-paned bubble to fix the condensation? Our boat came with one - don't know how they made it, but it's a double bubble bolted to the doghouse, with some silica gel packets in between the layers. Basically two bubbles with the same mounting flange, but one is a slightly smaller bubble to fit inside the other. It's pretty nice - no condensation, but does have the rain/snow on the outside issue.
  4. In flat water it's been fine up to about 20 degrees of heel. We have found it won't stay lit when it's heeled and rough, although we had a non - standard fuel regulator location from the PO that we think exacerbating things. Have since moved it, but haven't had a chance to sail someplace both rough and cold since, and now covid has gotten our boat stranded in Trini. The one thing we did find happened was that on starboard tack upwind in over 15 or so the stove would blow out as the wind from the slot between jib and main would cause the flow in the chimney to reverse, blowing out the stove
  5. How big of a boat, what kind of layout? There are a lot of options - forced air, hydronic, and just radiant. We have a Refleks 66MK and really love it - simple, low fuel use, and easy. We have a few electric cabin fans we use to circulate hot air around the boat that do double duty in the tropics for cooling things down as well. ALSO, STOP POSTING IN ALL CAPS ITS FUCKING ANNOYING
  6. Main and Jib wing on wing. No need to head up to reef the main as long as you're paying attention and reefing at appropriate times and your track isn't total shit, especially with a main as small as yours. In a squall, you just roll the jib away, sail through it with main, and then unfurl again. You pick the amount of reef in the main based on average wind speed, and adjust jib amount for the squalls. Have had no problems sailing wing on wing downwind for 10's of thousands of miles on my Islander 36 (circumnavigation), our current Pouvreau 42 (twice around the atlantic), and a
  7. We had our boat sprayed with alex seal, so can't speak to the roll & tip-ability of it, but so far (1 year out) happy with the job - the yard who did it told us that it was a lot easier to repair. I know for a fact that awl grip is hard to repair - we had awl grip before, and while the good repair guys with a sprayer could make a patch disappear, about a year later it would show up again... The patches where I rolled & tipped awl grip repairs were visible immediately.
  8. Looking for family and friends to view. We already have a Go - do you know if the GO can be set to automatically send updates, or does it need to be triggered manually? Ideal would be something that can just go and do its thing without any human interaction, and ideally be independently powered from boat - the GO would be OK, but ideal is also that it keeps pinging even if boat has some sort of issues with its own batteries.
  9. Hard to tell, but did they just add a plate over the top of the pitted hull, or is it an actual flush insert plate?
  10. Another BS design - this one looks better finished than most, but 78K?!! Favorite quote from the website: "We intended on taking her offshore but found the waters of the Inside Passage challenging enough." https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/d/lopez-island-custom-steel-pilot-house/7298456321.html
  11. We need a new tracker for our boat. We've had a Xaxero SkyEye on it since 2008, which worked great, but it has finally shit the bed, and they don't make them anymore. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on a new Iridium based GPS tracker that can automatically ping a position to a website every hour. The old one had an integral battery and solar panel, so we could just bolt it to the stern arch - ideally would like the new one to be similarly independent of the boat's power supply. Yellow Brick, Redport XTracker, any others I should be considering, any experiences with them?
  12. For heat, diesel heaters are the best - we've got a Refleks 66MK on our well insulated aluminum 42' boat and it is more than enough, even in the winter in Maine in the water or when we went to Greenland. If you're looking for AC too, we have found that reverse cycle AC units underperform as heaters when the water temperature gets cold - fine in florida in the winter, but not so good if you're in Maine. Other problem with this solution is that you really need to have either a generator running or be plugged in to shore power, and unless boat is very well insulated and hatches are closed,
  13. They stopped sailing the clipper 70s with symmetric spin poles in the last edition or the one before that - think they even took the poles off so they couldn't go wing on wing. Only Asymmetrics off the bow.
  14. Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, and it doesn't really help out boats that sail fast, but the current practice on Oahu for private boats is that if you've been at sea for 14 days en route to Hawaii, you don't have to quarantine or test on arrival. Not sure how this squares with the change from 14 to 10 day quarantine for air travelers, but...
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