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  1. That's insane... We bought a boat in France 6 years ago and the USCG accepted a USCG bill of sale notarized (or whatever was the french equivalent) by a french notaire... Ended up having to do two bill of sales, first the official French version and then a second version on the USCG form for us to be able to register the boat. We had a great broker who helped with sorting it all out + used a documentation service. Can't believe they're yanking you around like this. Might it be possible to have the sellers take the USCG bill of sale to a US embassy or consulate to get it no
  2. We're not trying to keep our wood to "yacht in St. Barth's" standards. We let it go far enough that when we scrub it and refinish it, things look noticeably better, but not so far that it looks gross. The semco definitely lasts better than teak oil and ages better as well - teak oil in the tropics just turns to horribly black goo in about a month. Not a great picture, but the wood in this picture is semco at about the point that we normally start to think about refinishing.
  3. Looks like a burned out container hanging over the side to my inexperienced eye
  4. We have used Semco gold and natural, and really prefer the natural. Gold has a bit too much yellow in it. Have never put any topcoat over it. Find that we need to re-apply every 4-6 months with no sun protection, a lot of saltwater and foot traffic, and fairly low aesthetic standards.
  5. Even better, now the ship that lost the containers is on fire at anchor off Victoria... https://www.cheknews.ca/fire-breaks-out-on-cargo-vessel-that-lost-shipping-containers-near-vancouver-island-903057/
  6. Just to make it even better, the ZIM Kingston (which lost the containers) is now anchored off of Victoria and is on fire.... https://www.cheknews.ca/fire-breaks-out-on-cargo-vessel-that-lost-shipping-containers-near-vancouver-island-903057/
  7. We've got the smaller 7 1/4" Ryobi sliding compound miter saw and have been very happy with it - hard to beat for the money. We really have enjoyed the portability as it's gotten used on the porch, in the garage, and have taken it over to a friends place a few times to help build some picnic tables.
  8. We had some Athletic Brewing IPA recently - not as good as a good alcoholic IPA, but better than drinking something like a heineken for sure, especially if you like hoppy stuff.
  9. Photo sent from the yard... Hopefully to soon be pressure washed.
  10. Our boat's been stuck in Trinidad with borders closed since 2019. Just got some photos from the yard - the decks look like a zombie contender, but they were pleasantly surprised at the interior. Guess we stored it right. Heading back there in a month or so, and hopefully a bit of pressure-washer action will get us out of contention for addition to this thread.
  11. Sounds like you're asking for a very different boat - the islander 28 was a great weekend cruiser, not a race boat...
  12. Look at the VW Jetta TDI wagons - low 40s mileage, good storage, and a lot with low mileage since they recalled them to fix he emission cheating computers and are now slowly re-releasing them into the used market. We've got one and love it.
  13. A friend of ours is probably going to be selling her boat soon and has the combo oven/stove - she's thinking about not including it in the sale and just taking it with her for the next boat as she likes it so much.
  14. The Grand Soleil weighs at least 7000 lbs more than the pogo - very different boats for different folks... but I assume you're just trolling?
  15. I like Dow 795 for glazing, personally. Hard to find the full Sika product line in the states.
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