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  1. I’m a lifelong Michigan fan. My “angst” is based on the last 20 years of disappointment and other Michigan fan’s arrogance.
  2. Well the Michigan fans need to calm down about the National playoff until after the Big Ten playoff. Iowa isn’t going to just roll over.
  3. Who would have thought that Bama, OSU and Clemson would all miss the playoffs this year?
  4. I have to try some of these drills. I don’t shoot the pistol often. But when I do from 10 yards this is typically what the target looks like.
  5. Still having a hard time finding shotgun target loads. Haven't seen any gun club shells.
  6. Remington went bankrupt and all of their companies were recently sold off. many don’t realize but on top of hoarding this is a prime reason for our current ammo shortages. Remington owned several large ammo brands and all stopped production right about the time covid hit. So you have increased demand with a shortened supply. All of their ammo brands are now owned by separate companies. Hopefully those factories will be producing again soon.
  7. I’ve got a friend who is a staff hunter for a waterfowl gear company. He hunts more days a year then most duck hunters hunt in 10 years. On top of that he Turkey hunts, deer hunts, small game… and shoots thousands of clay pigeons a year. Needless to say he has a shotgun in his hands 250 days a year. He swears by the versa max. Great gun, it’s a workhorse. I Wish they were still being made I was going to buy one this year. Hopefully they start making them again soon.
  8. I don’t have pics. But I spatchcocked a Turkey and then roasted in the oven. 21 pound bird took 2 hours. As perfectly crisp skin all over and several said it was the best Turkey they had eaten. The only way I will do a Turkey from know on
  9. Well he obviously didn’t say “yo momma” otherwise he would have been flagged.
  10. Hmmm no mention of the great beaches. I think this is a fake.
  11. How bad are things for the lions? Got a penalty because our lineman said mean things to one of their linemen. The NFL is trying to eliminate injuries from hits to the head. Apparently they are trying to spare feelings from bad words as well
  12. Probably depends on the score. A close game and Bama drops all the way to #3. Needs to be blown out to be out of the top 4
  13. You wish Mel would come to Florida. Only reason you think that is good news.
  14. So they taught you that when someone else points a gun at you it has to be in your home in order for you to defend yourself?
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