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  1. Will I need to show this vaccine ID in order to vote?
  2. Nothing better then a relevant Frank Zappa video.
  3. Ok when raw you slurp them down. When you roast them do you chew or just slurp them down?
  4. That’s what I’ve been looking at. Friends of mine swear by them.
  5. I bought a cheap used vertical smoker on-line. Today is its maiden voyage. Going to see how these water smokers work before I put down real money on one. Not sure why my pics are always turned when I post here
  6. When I was a realtor I was fired by a Christian couple who kept making low ball offers and then would say if it were meant to be, God would get their offers accepted. They didn’t like when I said. “Maybe God put me together with you to tell you to make better offers”
  7. I thought this was a thread about pussy. As in “she’s sitting on a gold mine”
  8. How it looks today. Just outside Detroit.
  9. That’s why I clicked on the post.
  10. Stack them I would guess. I layer at a time.
  11. Was never a concert buff. Only been to a dozen or so big name concerts. So the best was probably Billy Joel in the late 80s. I went to a lot of small venue (bars) with local bands. Sometimes you get a surprise. My favorite of those was watching the Detroit Blues band featuring Jimmy McCarty. They played a small bar and there was maybe 20 people in the place.
  12. Who is that going to be? Unless they trade up they aren’t getting one of the top qbs coming out this year.
  13. 10 mill is a lot for a backup. He is there to start.
  14. I remember when he was robbed in his first title fight. Destroyed Vito Antifermo but the judges called it a draw. legally changed his name to marvelous so ABC would be forced to call him that.
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