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  1. The documentary that came out last year was pretty interesting. It turns out that Dusty is who brought all 3 of them together.
  2. $1.79 here. You’re getting gouged.
  3. They aren’t number one. But they’re up there.
  4. Weren’t you just bagging on soccer, which you apparently don’t understand. The irony is thick
  5. The rules for draft eligibility will have to be changed then.
  6. The field will be widened. The people who make the most money on this NIL will be those who understand how to make social media work for them. The athletes with 1 million or more followers will make money, not necessarily the best players or the best teams. Every largish school has rich boosters, will you make more money as the 4th option in the Alabama RB room or the #1 stud at some large Midwest state college with a tractor heir supporting you? everyone is afraid it will make a few teams dominate, well we are already there the playoff are currently 3 teams and a
  7. I never run the gas out. Use treated gas and fill it up at the end of the season.
  8. Don’t be talking about Stevie like that.
  9. So I tried some different tonics. tried fever tree indian, Schweppes, and am currently drinking q. kept the gin the same (beefeaters) topped off each drink with a piece of lemon (my go to). Even measured out the gin to keep it all equal. The Schweppes and Q are both ok. I would probably prefer my old usual Canada Dry over these. But going forward I’ll probably buy the fever tree.
  10. I don’t know if she is the best. But I love this song and how she sings it.
  11. You respond to a 7 month old thread with “this isn’t new” what was your first clue Sherlock.
  12. Reminds me of the Steve Martin joke I do a lot of work with Single mothers. You know, helping them get their start.
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