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  1. I play. I think I’m on day 7 of playing it. I like that it’s 1 game a day. So it’s a relaxing 5 minutes.
  2. Did he sell? If no then he hasn’t lost anything.
  3. So are we firing the special teams coordinator or the defensive coordinator? you’re all over the place here.
  4. They had the #1 defense in the NFL this year. But yeah sure fire him because the best playmaker in the league did what he does.
  5. Has there ever been a weekend of playoff football like this one? Crazy. Mahomes had 177 yards passing. After the 2 minute warning.
  6. Professional football players know an official has to set the ball. The qb doesn’t hand it to the center and then line up.
  7. That was the Cowboys fault. Ref just trying to do his job.
  8. What a final minute of the Rams bs Buccs. Crazy ending.
  9. The Weber company had to send out an apology today. Apparently their recipe of the week, which was emailed this morning, was grilled Meatloaf. It was a bad luck coincidence.
  10. I remember watching him on TV when Bat out of Hell was released Might have been SNL I never saw anything like it. What a snowman. RIP
  11. Look into the beretta nova. Very reliable pump. Mossberg 500 is a good gun too
  12. Heavy isnt bad for sporting clays. Makes the swing a bit smoother. Pump guns are tough for clays as you need to take a quick second shot. Plus you are going to shoot 50-100 shells in a day. Heavy helps absorb some of that energy. See if you can borrow a semi auto or an over under. Some clubs rent guns. Even better if you beat him with a rental. Modified choke is a decent all around choke for clays.
  13. The wife bought some pork belly. I plan to make some bacon with a chunk of it. Anyone have any good recipes or advice?
  14. Some dead pools work on a points system. 1 point for each year the deceased is under 100. Most points end of year wins.
  15. My pic is this thread will die. There is a current 2022 Deadpool thread with 80+ responses.
  16. Yeah. It’s because that’s how they are supposed to be worn. I understand the desire for expediency. But it’s not why they are there.
  17. And how much more they lose via evaporation.
  18. Actually since that post I did a taste test on a variety of tonics and I’ve been buying fever tree ever since.
  19. My past is in the past. Still working from home so no Medicare, and no need for the blue pills. But I’m glad for you that those pills are available for men of your advanced age and health.
  20. Well I’ve been working from home a long time. I’m going off memory here.
  21. I blame working from home. You don’t need them when you are banging the wife. Not going to the office and banging co-workers, vendors, clients and secretaries is why the sales are down.
  22. Yeah, like is there a back story here. Something that happened in person.
  23. Good riddance? That’s sort of harsh. Imagine what people will say when you pass.
  24. Who doesn’t like the classics
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