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  1. This one? Just showed up in the Raleigh, NC CL https://raleigh.craigslist.org/boa/d/raleigh-trimaran-sailboat-with-ttrailer/7233235951.html
  2. Go look for island unloading scenes on youtube for some interesting cargo landings. They unload cars from boats that don't look a whole lot better than the Hawaiian. It can be done. Not that it's a great (or even sane) idea. I still think it will start to tear itself apart when it hits waves, but maybe I'm wrong and it will live to actually encounter big waves and storm conditions. Those side doors look like they have two storm modes: Closed up tight, with no way to get up on the roof and do sailorly things with the rig, or open, with a stairwell up and a giant hole in the side of the
  3. Dang, I should learn to proof my stuff, March 23.

  4. Welcome to being 47. You are my people. Happy Birthday!

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