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  1. At this point in time the fleet will be 8 boats in a few months, there is a lot of interest however so this could change quite soon.
  2. AFAIK this is a modified 31 that was originally damaged by a dehumidifier fire. The boat you show as entered is actually now on the water in the UK as one of the growing fleet there.
  3. What ridiculous re start rules, talk about get out of jail free!
  4. Saw this on social media, so cannot attest to the accuracy of the data, but I am sure some of you here can either prove or disprove this in short order.
  5. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.northsails.com%2Fsailing%2Fen%2F2021%2F04%2Fthe-cape-31-is-captivating-sailors-worldwide&h=AT2jI5JomcAg0GfqD_OQtUBVw48XWqZDwnKcVdll7cdHZIuKZj4MEHi9qaRHd6IKNCsZNotcNvWbh8KD9WMfmodDWLtD5h8qVuoK9lAu0uUo2h8iQml4jMPWfU-j&s=1
  6. Sounds like you still haven’t got over your family being exiled to Australia as convicts all those years ago.......
  7. I add a small amount of ivory or linen pigment to gel repairs on older lasers, makes up for the fade and colour changes over the years.
  8. Definitely the cheap and easy option, most of the boats I sail we have a block on the stem fitting through which the forestay runs, it is then attached to a purchase system running down the centre of the foredeck. This includes boats which have stamasters as you can’t adjust them if you have any significant rig tension on.
  9. MotoGP is also looking great this season, top speed recorded during qualifying 362km/hr and an extremely close grid. Their race is just after the F1 race but obviously at a completely different venue.
  10. I have over 40 Makita 18v LXT cordless tools and as many batteries, some over 8 years old. They are used every day in a hostile factory environment by numerous people building boats, up to now not one battery has failed, one grinder died, so I have moved to brushless grinders. I wouldn’t buy any other cordless tool.
  11. Brilliant design by Mark Mills, fits in a 40ft high cube container with about 50mm to spare!!!
  12. Today, Cape Town, destination Southampton.
  13. Should be 6 or 7 boats in the Solent in the next few months.
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