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  1. Finally, a race with a bit of unpredictability and differing strategies only playing out in the last few laps. No results decided by safety cars or blown tyres!
  2. Pm me, we can talk the repair through over WhatsApp, I am probably 6 or 7 hours ahead of you.
  3. You brought it up, blaming European tyre manufacturers, stop passing the buck and answer my question?
  4. Please tell me, how many American companies make quality tyres and cars??”
  5. Farr will have all the detailed structural drawings for the keel. An impact at 6 knots should not be terminal. I would remove all the paint and fairing from the bulb and find how it was bolted on. I wouldn’t panic yet.
  6. Not exactly high tech or high performance is it? Loads are low too so a thinner sheet will be preferable for offwind legs, preferable something fairly grippy so you don’t have to clench your fingers too hard to hold onto it. I would probably go with whatever the local Laser fleet uses, and as Rooster is not that far down the road that would be my first choice.
  7. Not trying to do anything like that, simply trying to get people to think before typing, and to do a bit of research as well!! We all appreciate your well thought out relies to all sorts of issues close to your heart often with the history behind the development involved with the problem solving being presented as well. Thanks for everything you and your father have done for dinghy sailing.
  8. Major Tom


    This is a strictly a mathematical viewpoint and it works like this:- What Makes 100% and what does it mean "TO GIVE MORE" than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone states that you must give more than 100%. How about achieving 103%? So mathematically what makes up 100% in life? Here's a little simple formula that might help answer these questions:- If the 26 letters in the alphabet are replaced numerically. Such as:-
  9. Some of the replies above are a perfect example of conspiracy theories and how they spread. Those if you who do not know who Julian Bethwaite is probably shouldn’t be posting in dinghy anarchy, I have been building dinghies professionally for 30 plus years, including 29ers a while ago, and many other other posters have experienced the same issues but still there are those who insist that what they are seeing is not what it actually is.
  10. When an expert like JulianB gives his opinion and the next poster comes up with a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory idea then it is not a reasonable question. Plastic tracks have been failing this way for years, and will keep doing so for the foreseeable future until the material of the tracks is improved.
  11. Major Tom


    TMPD found over 2000 dead crows on highways around Tshwane recently, and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu. A Pathologist examined the remains of all the crows, and, to everyone's relief, confirmed the problem was NOT Avian Flu. The cause of death appeared to be from vehicular impacts. However, during analysis it was noted that varying colours of paints appeared on the ...bird's beaks and claws. By analysing these paint residues it was found that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with motorbikes, while only 2% were killed by cars. The TMPD then hired an Ornith
  12. I have replaced a number of tracks on 29er and 49er top masts with very similar looking damage, which was probably caused during capsizing and the main being completely eased, the resultant batten poke caused the damage in those instances, it is interesting how similar the damage to the track was in those instances compared to the OPs photo
  13. That would be my opinion as well, the track can’t handle too much load pulling aft, so if the sail is not as far up as it can go the haliard is only taking vertical and not horizontal load.
  14. My experiences from racing Enterprises, the last big regatta I sailed was a world championships at Looe in Cornwall about 20 years ago, they are very overcanvassed for their length, they are great in light airs as they have a low wetted surface and roll tack easily, but as a result of those features they are really unstable offwind in a breeze. They are best sailed with a fairly low crew wight, sub 120 kg, as they are best sailed in pinching mode upwind, and the lighter you are offwind the earlier you will get on the plane.the difference between planing and not planing is massive due to the ro
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