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  1. Although the Island looks small it takes forever to get anywhere, no matter what you are driving! There are a few rum distilleries on the Island, the closest one to you would be River Antoine which makes some seriously potent spirits, all in a traditional manner. I highly recommend a tour there. The best rum in my opinion is Westerhall Estate.which is also worth a visit, their 10XO is really good and cheap. You have chosen the right time to be there, the humidity is below average and it is a few degrees cooler at night, but still really warm. I spent two months working there in Clarke’s C
  2. Best use I have ever seen for a laser, or whatever it is called now.
  3. Last nights data from vogelvlei…..look at the average and gust info.
  4. Should ban locals from identifying sites obvious to them! Vogelvlei dam has an amazing climate in summer, no wind in the morning, moderate South Easter mid afternoon, often peaking at 70+ knots overnight the highest gust so far this spring has been 90.4 knots!!! Port Owen river race is a favourite of mine, have won it numerous times on handicap in various classes, some serious tide due to the navigable length of the river and lots of underwater obstructions at low tide.
  5. Not quite Cape Town, 120kms out of town……
  6. First is an aerial view of the club, next is looking North from the club in winter
  7. Friends live in Sunny Way, a short walk to the club.
  8. Bosham Sailing Club? Looks familiar.
  9. That would be the Clark Homestead Yacht Club, think I was there a day after this photo was taken, a few days before foiling week in RI
  10. All things considered, the damage is fairly minor, the boats are well engineered and well built. They are post cured and use 20 mm Corecell, M80 and M100, which gives them great impact resistance, unlike the GP42 which I believe is Nomex, the difference in impact resistance is fairly obvious.
  11. I have spent a lot of time abroad and traveling, so don’t have many issues with accents, however I spent a few months in Grenada West Indies and that was quite hard…..
  12. Clear gelcoat undergoes a colour change with the addition of catalyst, normally from pink to green. With the addition of pigment to the gel this colour change still takes place. Depending on the amount of catalyst added the colour change can be more or less.
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