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  1. The 280 is slightly shorter, but with a transom hung rudder and longer cockpit, it has a ton more room to work.
  2. So I listed it at $19K hoping to walk away with $15K. Didn't get much interest. Keep in mind, this is a 280 not a 290 (incase anyone thought it was a typo) I bought the boat intending to sail and keep it long term. right when after I bought it, a few people at my club woke up to the idea of one design and long story short.... I have a Viper 640 that I'm loving and the Carrera is collecting dust in my warehouse sitting on a freshly rebuilt trailer.
  3. Yeah, I'm a bit surprised it didn't sell. Anyway, its taking up too much space in my warehouse so I'm open to offers.
  4. I've been struggling to sell my Carrera 280 (yes I listed it on SA). I get the messages from POP yachts every day asking to list it. Has anyone tried them? Does it work or just invite a bunch of spam? Thanks, Mike
  5. Is it possible that the OP has a combination of an old vang missing pressure, not enough main halyard and a saggy old sail resulting in the boom trimming very low?
  6. It is a large rudder but not crazy big. The angle of that pic distorts is somewhat. the rudder does have some surface area that protrudes forward under the stern just a bit to make it very well balanced.
  7. yes, this is the original rudder
  8. Now all you need is a friend with another $9K and we're good to go! Kidding aside, this boat is taking up space in my warehouse and I can never bring myself to store boats outside so.... I am somewhat flexible on the price. The trailer is fully gone through, lights, brakes, bearings, tires all new.
  9. The Carrera does not get very wet down below. There is no sliding hatch and a deck stepped mast, so limited water entry points there. keeping the pole in tight while going up wind allows little water in there. When got the boat it leaked like a sieve through the cockpit floor storage hatch but I replaced that with a lewmar low profile bow hatch and problem solved. Much more cockpit space than the 290, a very nice boat to sail. I'm only selling it because I wanted to go one design and bought a viper 640. P.S. yes I bought an ad here.
  10. exactly. when I was looking for an Antrim to buy and couldn't find one I bought a Carrera 280. Nothing to do with that boat specifically, but I got fed up with PHRF, bought a viper 640 and have been much happier so far. P.S. Anyone want to buy a Carrera 280?
  11. This ^^ 100% good quality, cheap price, does what you need.
  12. yeah, I hope someone buys is so i don't have to take on another project
  13. this one is tempting. https://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/boa/d/merrick-tornado-sail-boat/7121173719.html
  14. In light air yes. for the most part it was on the winch though.
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