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  1. They also have not existed since returning to our sunny shores... Have you seen anything other than the old fleet of Scorpion and the Catalyst in the recent content? Boat 1 stripped and shipped Boat 2 in the shed
  2. Afraid not, as previously mentioned - you're not worth my time. Just giving you enough rope. As for your wildly assumptive sexism, you, my dear, can't see the wood for the trees! I don't recall stating that the backer of this team had run out of funds, simply raised the notion that no additional would be allocated. As for your tedious tendency to claim fiction as fact, if you took a breath every now and then you might learn something. Check your "sources", you have not seen half of what you claim.
  3. Alright, i'm not sure when your going to dismount from that shetland but we're not all serial forumites, the schools are back as you know. What i've indicated here, i know to be true. I haven't divulged more than can be publicly ascertained by the educated eye and/or ear. I've simply ratified it where reasonable. As the saying goes, where there's smoke... If what i can share offends you, don't read it but otherwise don't be so quick to dismiss, we should just be so readily demanding you provide evidence to the contrary... As for source, i'd say living with him for near on 20 years makes h
  4. Do those rose tinted glasses come with a prescription? I appreciate you have an affiliation(s) with one or more of the sailing team but this is far from a happy camp. There is sufficient evidence if one knows where to look but that is beside the point.
  5. I'm not sure that i follow but i'll go along and say sure why not
  6. All of the above? Zero hasn't been stuck in the sky. Couldn't flake one down as pocket luff... Plenty of recycled footage... Suggests testing new things in the initial phases (levels) of confidence. Covering themselves with only one mast in the UK? Development items? Increased load somewhere? New rig tune? Higher mainsheet load? Pushing first boat beyond it's initial design case? Mainsail looks like a new main, luff detailing looks different.
  7. Same foils, different tip piece(s)
  8. I'm not saying cover up, im saying the facts are there. Word is they sailed 2 maybe 3 times, once with the skeg before a significant issue arose at which point conveniently the covid exodus and the nose falling off LR took the spot light off... There is supporting statements and timeline between the lines of these 12 pages you just need to filter the BS. That and i'm sure you can coax some insight from your ties to one of the sailing team you've nodded at previously. All i'm saying is don't believe the hype, there may have been a lot of development in the 1's and 0's but beyond that we haven'
  9. Same wings, same struts. Possibly slightly different fairings around the junction. Paint is irrelevant as the fairings probably require constant work to maintain given the amount of flex added to the complexities in the design would suggest some means of disassembly for maintenance and then refinishing. No change to topsides. Rumours of some kind of significant repair recently. Looks like new sensors on the transom, tow testing to prove new code or human interface? Would perhaps suggest a connection to the big wipeout last year and the lack of sailing since - tying the new sens
  10. Plenty of rumour and conjecture, but from first hand conversations, can confirm that most if not all of the shore department heads have unanimously left the team for pretty similar reasons... this is the same group that stuck it out through Bermuda, the interim and the transition into Ineos so one can only imagine the issue may lie with management changes since then? Rumour has it that the count is close to 20 individuals in as little as 2 months. If this is true then this is more often than not telling of failing management, conditions, compensation or all of the above. The tell will be whom
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