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  1. While I am at it, another question for you, e, would you recommend the long bury for running rigging/standing rigging as well? I am adding a dyneema innerforestay and runners to my rig (Hood 38) and wonder if you reckon the long bury is superior there. If that is so, why is everyone (Colligo) etc recommending the brummel splice...? Thanks in advance-hopefully this is helpful to all
  2. Thanks for the salient thoughts - estarzinger-I hear you on the long bury splice versus brummel, but then the use of WR2 maybe makes less sense as I don't think it would be possible to milk the cover over that long splice? The cover would then terminate about 20" or so from the eye, maybe that is fine although less attractive? NER recommends a brummel splice with a bury for the cover that ends up with about 11'' of exposed core before the cover. The tightly woven dyneema cover makes for a pretty nice hand and of course helps at stanchion chafe points as well-seems like pretty good stuff. I
  3. I am making up new lifelines now in 7mm WR2. The challenge I find is getting exact lengths and not wasting alot of expensive line or cutting it too short. For instance, if I do a brummel eye at one end and then want say 21' to the other brummel eye, how do I compensate for the amount lost in the splice versus the amount gained through creep when loaded to figure out where to cut the line off the spool before splicing? This gets extra critical with gate openings where the the lengths are short and you are for instance, using a cow hitched eye to an eye fitting that goes through the stan
  4. Anyone have any firsthand experience with acid etch primer for bronze (intending to paint with one part enamel after)? Petit 6455/044 looks like it will work but wondered if someone might have other (or confirming) experience?
  5. Just read through this thread and it is a good one. I have a Hood 38 (Bristol 38.8) that I am restoring after it was abandoned for several years-most would agree that this is one of Ted Hood's (Dieter Empacher) best boats - good looking, shoal draft, sails well and generally robust, simple and well proven. I hope to have her launched and sailing this summer. Good luck Caliente with your buying process - I think you are considering some good boats and of course it is always a question of compromise and what you ultimately decide is right for you. Personally-to the original question and
  6. It is how traditionally laid decks are done so that the caulk does not adhere to the bottom, only the sides of the seam and does a better job of handling expansion and contraction. I knew a really good old hippy shipwright in the West Indies who used cassette tape - he spent alot of time pondering the music that was on the tape and whether or not it suited the boat, the owner and the overall vibe...
  7. This is what I see when I try to log on-has been several days: This site can’t be reached The webpage at https://www.sailinganarchy.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR
  8. Anyone else unable to log on to the www.sailinganarchywebsite? My browsers say it can't be found and I figured the site was down for a few days. I did a search and was able to get on to the forums that way? This happened both on a PC and Apple...anyone?
  9. Thanks-awfully nice post to review here in snowy February!
  10. Any of you guys ever been aboard or sailed one of these? Very sweet boats for exactly what they are intended to be-very fancy, very nice daysailors-low price for what it cost originally and for someone looking for exactly that kind of boat-very tough to beat. And yes, I know the boats, have sailed them as well as the Eagle, Alerion etc -they are lovely and very nicely built.
  11. The same old story from "experts" on Carroll Marine boats - "barely careful" etc etc. Listen not to those who jump on the bandwagon, but to those who know something from real, firsthand experience - there are several above. Carroll Marine built alot of boats to a specific market, they built alot of good boats that have sailed alot of miles and, like any production boat builder - they built alot of boats that have had problems major and minor. Listen to the experienced folks above, have a good survey done, do your due diligence and make your decisions. You might just get a good boat of the dea
  12. Hi - looking for any firsthand (thanks, but not interested in secondhand opinions...) information on the Ted Hood designed Bristol 38.8. Sailing characteristics/performance/experiences, maintenance and repair issues and projects, cosmetics, problems, pleasures etc. Happy to take it off line with other owners (I have a '94 new to me). Thanks in advance...
  13. Fantastic footage of the new boats fully foiling - incredible, but how can these guys see wtf is going on in front of them!?! The boats seem to be flying pretty high and bow up, all I can think of is going 25 knots essentially blind except for the view of the bow in the air and the sky above!? Maybe HB has an elaborate camera system so Alex can sit below at the control pod with a perfect view of all...Anyone have any inside knowledge?
  14. Rubber pants - Line 7 if you still have em - Grundens if you have to buy new. Rubber does not leak - period. Cheap too if not highly fashionable..
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