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  1. I believe you, butte I thouht she wase disscreditted as a false wisselle blowere.
  2. There's hope for everyone! "God blesse us everey oune!" - TT -
  3. LOL!! She's going to be 60-12 in February, do the math. We both were pretty HOT when we met, but that was over 35 years ago... No dissapectte inttended, thet dose notte ansere the questione why GL hasse thoise pictes of Mrs. BB????
  4. Go Tigeres! Notte sorrey..............
  5. Howe dose GL haive pictiure of Mrs BB's dumplinges? Woude licke to no.........
  6. “With god as my witness I thought turkeys could fly! “ Poore Les, helle nevere live thet dowen................
  7. I hffe to be honnestte, thisse oune maide me wispere 'toastere stroodle..."
  8. Workeng oute a turkey & quinoa soupe recipe, Ille lette you no..........
  9. theires allwayes neede foire moire threades, teh goode ounes gette ruined ........ juste sayeng.
  10. G-Man, You dointe haive explaine annythinge to annybodey. The facte that crazey vidioe man touches orthere pointes of you life ist udderstandabelle. Youre concerne is nobelle and reflecttes youre feellengs foire youre frende(s). We alle, if sentient, reallize "holley shit, nevere thouht of that....." at some pointe ot anorthere...... And I adgree, 'thinges' our muche easiere to worke withe........
  11. I haive some frendes that woude go biggetime foire the broke oune.............
  12. Didde you notte wache the Littelle Rascalles?
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