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  1. Interesting. I haven't had any issues like that, but I do have that line attached to it just in case. That was mostly because I figured that with my luck, in an emergency, I'd get the knife out and promptly drop it. In general, I like to have anything that doesn't float tied to something that does.
  2. I carry something like this (except mine has a fid and a multitool thing) on my trap harness: https://www.gillmarine.com/personal-rescue-knife-orange/ I've tested my ability to get it deployed, it's readily at hand, and it has a hi-vis line attached to it, but I still have my doubts about whether or not I'd be able to open it and cut myself free in an emergency situation. SOME chance is better than no chance though. I figured that I was a lot more likely to hurt myself with a fixed blade knife on me than to get trapped, hence the decision. I keep thinking about putting a fixed blade knife
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/204978541566924/ $100 Laser? Seems about right...
  4. Somebody buy this so I don't. I had a '76 Sunfish in these colors that I loved (and sold for a Force 5). I always kind of wanted a Windflite since it has the wood coaming like the F5. EDIT: This IS a Windflite and not a Sunfish. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/298943018364221/ Idk what this is, but for $400 with a motor... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/348177500026089/
  5. Well, the guy I got my SS from was older than you (I think) and went to something equally nutty, so I figure I still have time to learn!
  6. I did a bunch of years in Sailfish and Sunfish, a few in a Force 5, and now I also have a Swift Solo. I've done everything completely on my own. At 47, after three summers of owning the SS (but it was nowhere near correctly set up for one), I'm still firmly in the "oh crap I'm going to die" part of learning the SS, but I'm not 100% discouraged yet. I think any combination of less age/more athleticism/less fear/more time/ANY help would make it easier. I'd kill for a ride on a doublehander with someone competent, or some time with any decent skiff sailor, but that doesn't seem to be an option on
  7. Definitely. I can't quite tell form the pic, but you probably have a leaf or two that you can take out of that spring pack that will help a little. Not running high pressure in the tires will also help a little. The more stuff you can put on the trailer (NOT in/on the boat, as mentioned) will help a some too. For my Force 5, I have wooden hold-downs that attach to uprights on the trailer so they secure the boat but any weight isn't transferred to it. On those are all of the dolly and mast parts.
  8. I keep thinking about getting a new harness too, as the Ronstan one that came with my boat can get painful in the wrong places if things get misadjusted. I love the idea of a QR harness since I sail a singlehanded skiff without competent help nearby, but is there a point if you also have to have a pfd? Do people wear harness OVER pfds? That would seem to cause other problems and render any back support fairly useless. Sorry if there's an obvious answer here. I'm new to trapeze boats and attempting to learn on my own.
  9. Regular bunk trailers do all sorts of damage to F5s. After you get it home and before you move it any more (assuming that you do have to move it on the trailer), do yourself a favor and make proper supports for it, otherwise you'll likely just keep hurting it. The rear one is the important one and the class association should have the plans- it's easy with a 2x12 and a jigsaw. For the front, you can get away with a roller under the mast step.
  10. Seems like it's been there for awhile....
  11. Welcome! Downwind, you mostly just want enough vang on to stop twist at the top of the sail, as that apparently can contribute to a sudden death roll. That really only happens on a run though, which isn't usually what you're doing on a F5. As long as you don't leave the vang tight from going upwind, gybing should be fine. If you leave it really tight, you can break the gooseneck. Otherwise, just keep in mind that flat is fast and have fun. You can find more info at force5class.org too. If your wind was anything like mine yesterday, it was a fun day to be out. I was doing over 9-10kts
  12. When my lake (and my Force 5) look like the pic, my wind app and my weather app say 8-10mph. Boat speed then is 7-8kts on fastest points of sail. I've always been curious about what it would be if I actually measured it (...but not curious enough to go buy an anemometer...).
  13. Buccaneer? That was a thought of mine, but those seem to have rear decks (and are 18ft). Mutineer is smaller still.
  14. No good ones, I'm afraid. Generally when I'm around it, I'm too concerned with sailing it. Nobody else at the lake is competent enough with a camera to get any pics. I should work on changing that.... I didn't build it though, fwiw. I wish I had, and I've wanted to since the minute I saw the first one. It's a boat I've always lusted after- ability be damned. The hoop isn't broken. It's quite difficult to move that block back into position and it'll stay wherever it's put. I took the boat out briefly today, and I noticed what you said. I'm happy to have it not come off as eas
  15. Haha. Good to know. Thanks!
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