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  1. Yeah, I think I remembered incorrectly. Here's an old page you might not have seen yet http://www.f-boat.com/pages/News2/BallardF-22.html
  2. Isn't that F-22 hull #1?
  3. I checked the plan book and it looks like you wrote a #21 on the cover. So it's settled then!
  4. I went back to see if I had any info on how many plans sold. I may actually have plan set #21, need to double check this. They were Craig's plans from this thread. I'll be loosing my shop space in a few months. I hope to get another space suitable for building by the end of our summer. Are Evil Gnome and Mad Hatter both long cabin hulls built in glass?
  5. OK, I believe you guys about beam building, lots of steps and four are needed to be built. I'm not in a rush to get into another building project after three years worth of refitting anyway. One problem I have with reusing my beams is that my original floats are now in very good condition with many improvements made at the cost of sweat and blood. We'll see where I'm at in a couple of years. I hold the plans for F-85SR #23, so I have lots of options.
  6. Yes, that was a fitted mast quote. You're correct, the price drops to almost half removing full fit out. I saw the pics of your mast and thought I should explore the possibility of a new rig. I decided to hold out and use my original mast with a new set of sails. When I wear them out I will decide what to do. If I decide to build a set of F-85 floats/beams for my F-25C I may add the F-85 rig too. That was were I was heading when considering a new rig. I'm also watching the F-85 float rudders discussion with considerable interest.
  7. I went back and checked. Just over $22k NZD ex freight.
  8. Are they both the unlimited rig (12.6m)?
  9. I think C-Tech. I got a quote from them at $22k USD, which is beyond my means.
  10. I'm painting my boat and was wondering about going with a color other than a boring white.
  11. How is that green boat in the hot sun? Does it get extra warm inside the cabin?
  12. You're probably talking about The Fastest Indian boat that's been listed for a while in MA? I don't know much about it but it looks like a good boat from the listing pics. I found a link to a library with build pics, looked well built to me. Not sure about value. The asking price seems a reasonable place to start.
  13. The plan built boats have the lower sail numbers locked up. I wonder how many plans were purchased?
  14. Bill, were you on Lake Pleasant? The water looks pretty high this year. What ramp did you launch from?
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