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  1. Passing a Cal 33-2 during a casual race last summer. My buddy and I sailing my Prindle 18-2 last fall, over weight on the boat about about 150 lbs but still having fun lol Cruising the harbor on one of my Illusion mini 12 meters Not pictured.... Hobie 17 SE Prindle 16 3 other mini 12s I need help.
  2. You already know this, but give the stuffing a few minutes to soak and swell before adjusting. The first time I launched my boat I was alarmed at the trickle of water coming through so I tightened it down. Obviously didn't need to do that, and had to loosen it back up again later once I learned my folly. That boat looks great! There is a nice green T33 in the harbor here I made new halyards for a couple of years ago.
  3. Doing the hull sides from a step ladder was a nightmare. To do anything more or even if I did it again I'd use a scaffold. I also don't think I have enough gelcoat left to do much more in depth of a correction. It seems to be getting really thin in some spots especially at max beam. With all the scratches and battle scars around the boat the next realistic step might be a paint job.
  4. Yeah you're probably right. What grit would you start with for that? One pass with wet sanding and then move to compound?
  5. That travel lift story is pretty great. I buffed my boat last weekend for the first time since i've owned it... whoops. It looked terrible before, extremely chalky. After about 6-8 hrs in total, it looks a lot better now but still nowhere near perfect. It oxidized to the point where I probably needed two rounds of compounding, or a more severe compound to cut through it all. I used a product called buff magic by shurhold and I think it would work great on a more normal condition gelcoat. I followed that with their pro polish wax. I've also never buffed anything before so I probably just di
  6. Those are really nice boats, there is a dark green one here locally and I always admire it when it's out sailing.
  7. We've gotten over 40" of snow so far this April. Got about 18in over the weekend, though this is pretty typical spring weather up here
  8. Should I do the Queen's on a T10 or not....
  9. Your windows do look nice. On my boat there is a recessed area where the windows mount, so they fit flush with the cabin sides when finished. That first picture you posted is more typical to what i've seen around, yuck.
  10. Nice! I agree with you on retrofit windows, the frames look much better on these boats. Mine are frameless, just plexiglass stuck on the outside of the cabin top, no leaks yet *knock on wood*
  11. What is this "liquid" water you guys are speaking of?
  12. The north end of Big Bay de Noc is ice as far as you can see. Manistique Marina has been frozen over for a couple of weeks. Same story in Marquette on Superior. Brrrrr.
  13. I use a lot of Sirius 500 and I love it, but I don't think I'd use it in this application (for a torque rope). It's really important to have a rope that won't twist, and most of the dedicated torque ropes have at least an intermediate cover to add the torsional stiffness. Also important to have low stretch (vectran core or similar). While the Sirius 500 is probably among the best of the polyester d-braid ropes, it still can't compete with high tech cores for stretch, especially on bigger boats like FL.
  14. Links??Looking forward to seeing it in action.Marlow is a favorite of a few loftshttp://www.marlowropes.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=128:superline&catid=47:industrial-a-utility&Itemid=161 Colligo Marine is another supplier of torque ropeshttp://www.colligomarine.com/products/colligo-hardware/luff-and-torque-lines-for-headsails Those are links to the torque rope, I was looking to his comment on furling lines, unless he meant torque ropes........ I was refering to torque ropes sorry for the confusion! I've heard good things about Marlow's Prodrive. Roblin
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