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  1. Here are AMATI's lines. I hope Paul doesn't mind me posting them.
  2. Here's a cruising boat that planes. Now renamed SUSPECT and racing on the Great Lakes. Previously a live aboard cruiser.
  3. I like emails like this: Hi Bob, We are still having success against the Melges 32's, Farr 30's and custom Hick 30's Dovell etc... everyone loves the boat. You did a great job - thanks Bruce https://www.sail-world.com/photo/309314
  4. Hi Bob, We are still having success against the Melges 32's, Farr 30's and custom Hick 30's Dovell etc... everyone loves the boat. You did a great job - thanks Bruce https://www.sail-world.com/photo/309314
  5. I think Legs has it right. I check SA and CA everyday. If I think I have something to add to the discussion I'll post it. With over 6,600 fan club members on Facebook now that keeps me pretty busy in terms of playing on the internet. It has proven very productive. I have also been doing some virtual lectures to various clubs including the NYYC. That has been fun.
  6. I am truly enjoying your adventure with your Dad. I'm envious. Look for a better way to lead your jib sheet. As you currently have it bearing on the stanchion and straight to the cleat I don't think it's right. It should lead to a "lead block" first and from there to the cleat on the coaming. Thanks for including us in your fun.
  7. Talking to the owner of CATARI he gives no indication the boat is for sale. Never has. Launch was set for March. March became a bit weird, to say the last, and it was put off.
  8. Beautiful bass KDH. This is my custom PRS made for me by Paul Reed Smith in exchange for some design work I did for him. I toured the factory, told him what I had in mind and just left the details to Paul. It's a very nice ax.
  9. Sass: Most of the teak decks boats I did in Taiwan are beginning to get long in the tooth. Teak decks are aging and those who were lucky or wise enough to buy models without the teak deck are looking good today. This has little to do with how thick the teak is. It's still screwed down to the deck. Most of my boats had min 3/8" teak or better. But in some cases it's time to consider replacing the teak or eliminating the teak, not an inexpensive thing to do. So, to be accurate, teak decks may last forever, but the cored deck the teak is screwed to will certainly not last forever.
  10. The builder is Ta Shing not "Taishing." The teak decks will not last forever.
  11. I am designing a 46' alu ketch for a Hawaiian client right now. Some people just prefer a split rig.
  12. Hi Bob, I'm currently working on a Passport 42C  (original name "Kowloon", original owner Stuart Ehrenreich, built in Hong Kong 89-90, semi custom boat redesigned with deeper keel and rudder, taller mast, etc.). Just wondering if you might have any idea what sort of deck core material was used, the owner is trying hard to find out before we open anything up, she's got a wet deck core after removing the old teak. Thanks!

    1. Bob Perry

      Bob Perry


      Is this a double ender? Or does it have a transom?

      Are you really sure about being built in HONG KONG? Somebody is VERY confused and it's not me.

      Bob P.

    2. Wanderbird


       I'm certain the confused one is me. Current owner says original owner said Hong Kong, but we all know that may be a catch-all for the entire area. Given the boat's name, I'd expect it was built in Kowloon. I currently have two Passports side by side in the yard, just gave a hull paint job to one, the other is the one in question. Comparing the two, "Kowloon" has a sugar scoop type extension. A pretty short one. Current owner says original owner had the boat extensively redesigned for his purposes. Of course, we must take all hearsay with a big fat grain of salt. Trying to determine deck core material for certain; she's got wet deck. Looks like the old "Taiwan shingle" to me, but thought I'd try to find out for the owner before going big on it, he was led to believe the deck core was Airex. Thanks Bob!

  13. Zen master: HEATHER still has the original rig believe it or not. The current owners are total hackers and I am expecting them to bring the rig down next summer.
  14. John Buchan's HEATHER. Still going strong as a cruising boat.
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