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  1. I'm here. I look in from time to time and if I see a need to respond I will. You guys seem to take care of questions quite well without me.
  2. It's a joke to consider that 30'er a "pilot house" boat. And "expedition yacht" exactly what does that mean in 30' LOA?
  3. Zonker: No. Wil was an intern with me when he was 15. He's 24 years old now and he did that 3D model about 2 years ago. He is now working with me on a new design, a 2021 answer to the Islander 28. They built 600 28's and I'm trying to capture the elements that made the I-28 so successful in a more modern hull and rig configuration. I'll post drawings soon. It's getting close to the time when I need to pass the baton.
  4. Jim: I think a skilled designer with an eye can make a pilot house look good. I treat the PH like another design element to play with and if done right the PH version can be a better looking boat than the non PH version. Or at the least, more interesting. Done by a ham fisted designer the PH will kill the looks of the boat. On the subject of SA/D's: Yes, this is a very good measurement of potential sailing performance. If the SA/D is below 14 you are not going to have much fun trying to sail that boat unless it is blowing 25. If you go below 13 you can probably forget sailing other
  5. Baba 40 pilot house. Very good sailing boat.
  6. Eric Sponberg would be at the top of my list of designers I do not respect. 3D model of my long and skinny powerboat done by Will Porter, my old intern.
  7. Yep. I don't know about "famous" but that is Hull No, 1 of the carbon cutters. Hull No. 3 is ready to launch. No. 4 is about 40% done I think.
  8. My effort to give the client his vision of the "ideal offshore yacht". His vision, not yours or mine.
  9. Here are AMATI's lines. I hope Paul doesn't mind me posting them.
  10. Here's a cruising boat that planes. Now renamed SUSPECT and racing on the Great Lakes. Previously a live aboard cruiser.
  11. I like emails like this: Hi Bob, We are still having success against the Melges 32's, Farr 30's and custom Hick 30's Dovell etc... everyone loves the boat. You did a great job - thanks Bruce https://www.sail-world.com/photo/309314
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