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  1. Beer: Nope, I don't know anything more than you know. Roberts boats can be all different boats.
  2. Yeah, I remember Hot Rod. What a tragic chapter that was. I was torn between hoping for his success and hoping for a disaster. I would not want to do that interview. The only question I can come up with is "WTF did you think you were doing?"
  3. Here is the link to Julian's presentation. It went very well and Julian stayed and answered questions for two hours.
  4. There is a very good NETFLIX documentary on his life. Kind of a tragic figure in the end. I think it's called LONG STRANGE TRIP.
  5. I am a Jerry G. Fan but no fan of the Grateful Dead. Saw them play at Golden Gardens beach in Ballard years ago maybe 55 years ago. They played on the back of a pick up truck. Pig Pen was still in the band. I took some acid. Not sure what they sounded like. I do know they sure looked weird. Look for the LP OLD AND IN THE WAY recorded in 1975! This album is an amazing collection of musicians including Jerry on 5 string banjo. His playing is the best think on the album as far as I am concerned. He just might have been a better 5 string player than he was a lead guitar player. It's not
  6. This Friday morning at 8 am PST the fan club will host the UK designer Julian Everett for an Excellence in Yacht Design Zoom presentation. Julian was the editor of SEAHORSE magazine for many years. He also designed the THULE car top carriers. His design work covers the IOR from beginning to end and in fact with the renewed interest in the IOR level classes, he is still doing IOR work. His "sport boat" WAVE TRAIN designed over 35 years ago is still racing and was well ahead of it's time. Name any trend that swept through the IOR fleet and Julian would have tried it and often with great suc
  7. Here is the link to all the ZOOM presentations in the Excellence in Yacht Design series. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCGByDJz8cyvIuCdRFUmUHg
  8. Pironiero: I will ask the fan club's IT guy, Joe, if there is a link to all the sessions. I think there is. You could try Youtube.
  9. BlackMammoth: Yeah, that is perfect. Thank you very much.
  10. Go to the EXCELLENCE IN YACHT DESIGN thread here on SA for the link.
  11. Here is the link to my fan club's Excellence in Yacht Design series featuring Ron Holland. The very first 5 minutes got chopped off by ZOOM and there is a break where had the porn hack. But, that not with standing, this is a very enjoyable almost 2 hours with Ron. Enjoy.
  12. GN: That is the galley of FREE RANGE CHICKEN. It's a layout for one couple to do extended cruising. You wife would most probably appreciate it.
  13. Sled: Yes, that is the crew of my Esprit 37 RICKY NELSON and my wife is the girl on the upper left apparently talking. Schakel: No, that is my design. I designed that boat when I was 26 years old. It was built by Ta Chaio in Taiwan. They built 100 of them. It was my very first grp design. I just used it as an attention grabber. It has nothing to do with Ron Holland. I think he would find it funny that you connected it to his work. Here is the CT 65, the big sister to the 54. In Europe this model is called the SCORPIO 72. Vladimir Ashkenazy once owned one.
  14. The big news is that Bill Lee, the wizard, has agreed to do a presentation! I will post a date and time when we have worked that out. Bill is a hoot so this should be a lot of fun.
  15. Somebody: Yes, I agree. The unusual thing is that while we are competitors in business, to some degree, we are all good friends. I think we all pull for each other to be successful.
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