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  1. BLUE PEARL 105 Video made by Vancouver designer Ivan Erdevicki. Ivan has worked with me on many projects over the years. https://vimeo.com/26made/review/707827324/d4a7844d9a
  2. Conga rats Chester. She is really cute. Now it's your job to spoil her rotten. Pay attention, time flies. My Violet is 5'5" and 10 years old now.
  3. Zonks: He'd know the first time he ran aground.
  4. ACC: I had checked the line of site for the person sitting in the jump seat. The wife of the owner. I wanted to be certain she had a clear view ahead. I find it's the kiss of death to almost be able to see out a big window. They cruise as a couple with a dog. Many of the comments assume there are more people on board. That will be extremely rare.
  5. Acc: I believe I have all the points you mentioned covered. I did not work for Steve Seaton. I am a real fan of Steve's work. The decision to be made today is to stay wit the fold down foot rest, which will fit into a recess in the bhd to be flush, or to go ahead and raise the sole to port. Sounds like the client likes the idea of raising the sole. I'm giving him 24 hours. Line of sight forward from the seat is indicated on this drawing. Do you think I'd ignore that?
  6. Mucking around with the pilot house arrangement for the 52.5' motor sailer this morning. Thinking about the comfort of Ms. Pauline Puget, the first mate. I made the seat wider and deeper. I also added a substantial "pseudo sole" instead of that silly bar I had for a footrest before. There will be 6' headroom when standing on the pseudo sole. I'm thinking I might just raise the cabin sole on the port side. I'll have the headroom I need. I can gain some headroom to port in the engine space where we have our work bench. Things to ponder
  7. I've been mucking around with the pilot house seating. You guys got me thinking. I thought I had thunk enough but I was wrong. That seat will be up 90% of the time. I need it big enough for the first mate and the 45 lb. dog. I need a substantial foot rest, a "pseudo sole". There is headroom standing on the pseudo sole. Now I'm thinking about raising the cabin sole on the port side. I'd gain headroom i the engine room where we want the work bench and sink.
  8. Pom: No it is not. That was never a client requirement. It would take major changes to their layout to make that work.
  9. ACC: Nice axes. I have a Rick 12 string I never play. I don't play any of my plug in guitars anymore except my basses. The dogs don't like it. For fun I play a couple of flat tops. Tim O'Connell took my 1964 Guild D50 Hoboken factory build home to "restore" it. It's been through the wars since I was 18. He loves that Guild as does Bruce Schwab. I play a parlor size Martin OM-28 or my jumbo Gibson JS 200 from their custom shop when I feel the urge today. If I did want to plug in I'd probably play my custom PRS semi hollow body, maybe my Eric Clapton Strat. I keep a dozen
  10. JonB: Yes, I draw the lines, with the aid of my computer. I love coming up with a new hull. I do all the preliminary design myself. I do working drawings for the layout deck plan and sail plan. The drawings I post here are my own. I like to design. I enjoy drawing. I'm pretty good at it. Where I turn the design work over to others is systems including electrical, structure, so long as it follows my preliminary structural layout, with some revisions of course. Tim O'Connell is great on deck layouts and has an encyclopedic knowledge of parts and part numbers. He plans the deck and I draw it
  11. ACC: There is not sufficient space in this pilot house for what you suggest. We looked at many options for the layout and the layout you see is what the client wants. There is room for two to sit comfortably in the PH. The flip up seat to port can be very generous in size. This couple cruises alone with their dog.
  12. Weds mornings are our weekly ZOOM meetings. All is progressing well as tolerances are tightened and conflicts resolved. Neil is doing fabulous 3D work on systems and structure. Will is progressing on the 3D work on the interior and deck. Tim stays on the deck layout.
  13. Jim: Come on now, do you really think Mark Mills would draw a boat like that? This is my Tayana 37 drawn 48 years ago.. I assumed people would recognize it. They built 600 of them. Mark's designs are all very high tech race boats including a very cool new foiler just launched.
  14. I like to follow what Mark Mills is doing. Mark did his college internship with me. He's a great guy and enjoying a very good run of racing success right now. Quite the contrast to the work he did for me. Actually I mostly let him talk on the phone to my clients. He gave good phone. Very pleasant to have in the office.
  15. If memory serves Gary Mull worked for S&S as did German Frers.
  16. My post was not in anyway intended to take any credit away from Olin Stephens although, reading it now is kind of sounds that way. I just get an uncomfortable feeling when people go on how "Olin drew such beautiful boats". There is no doubt he kept extremely busy running that large office.
  17. Beer: Yes, there is a lot of knowledge here. That's why I posted here.
  18. Many thanks for all the varied input. I'll not address each question. I think I have covered just about all I have to say. I have learned much here. In that we don't have a builder yet, the choice of materials is still unknown. It most certainly will not be steel. PYI was well acquainted with the QSL 9 and knew exactly what prop to spec, 5 blade 32" dia. My client has been enjoying this thread. I have two wonderful Portuguese Water Dogs but I frequent a FB page called GOOFY NEWFY. In my next life I'll have two Newfys.
  19. Zonks: You nailed it. I have had potential custom boats client back out when they realized they would have a hull that was not "proven". As if 40 years of design experience was not proof enough. Nick: Do you have experience with e QSL 9 engine? I don't. I would like to know what you think of that engine in this application. This will be the biggest engine I have ever put in one of my designs. I am out of my personal comfort zone.
  20. Nick: That is the QSL 9 with ZF 305A continuous duty gearbox 1.986:1 reduct. Consumes 8.4 gals per hour at 268 hp.
  21. Kent: At 1,500 rpm we get 270 hp with some reduction for ancillary gear. I'm looking for a 9.5 knot cruise speed and hoping we can kiss 10 knots. 60,000 lbs is a lot of boat to push through the water. Over the years no client or owner has ever called me and said, "My engine is too big." Never. But, I have had several owners tell me they wanted a bigger engine. I can't think of a repower I have been involved with that did not go with a more powerful engine. Usually restricted by prop tip clearance. Keep in mind this engine is rated for "continuous duty" usually only used for c
  22. Kent: No, not at all. I have never liked those Fishers. The sterns are awful, like a fist. No elegance to the shape at all. My client saw the original GYPSY I drew for Emil Dopyera and liked it. Asked for a larger version.
  23. Kent: Why would we spec an engine that was "overkill"? One reason will do. This was not an arbitrary decision. We looked at several engines and spoke to several engine people out side our team. Yes we have a day tank. We have done this before. Right now it's at about 70 gals but that will probably change.
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