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  1. Kevin: Did you get my PM about Jammer6?

    1. Sail4beer
    2. Sail4beer


      I’m guessing he got flicked? I can’t find him or his gaff rig thread around...

  2. Kevin:

    What was this troll about. I see Scot flicked him already. I never saw any of his posts.

    I live a sheltered life.


    Bob P.

  3. Paul:

    Some time back I PM'ed you about some very cute photos we found of you and Lorrie, probably taken at least ten years ago.

    Are you interested in them? Providing I can still find them.

    If you are I will need a mailing address.

    Bob P.

  4. Jody:

    I am having issues with SKYPE. Give me a call. 360-652-7771

    Bob P.

    1. Rasputin22


      Maybe update the app?

  5. That was funny. Cruel but funny.

    Bob P.

    1. sam_crocker


      Yes, a little harsh.  Maybe a bit too easy. Still..... They are slow.

  6. change my avatar

  7. Bob,

    I count 17 heads, unless steele cancels due to rain. Then it would be 15. Two kids on Matts boat.3-6 boats depending. Personally I don't see rain being a factor but maybe I'm just being optomistic.

  8. I think you know already but Blackjenner may not bring his boat. steele is planning on coming but may cancel if there's too much rain. Also Courtney is for sure but may come with Kim if the weather puts her off. Otherwise she may travel up in company with me. I assume it's OK to bring my dog along. you remember the little Rat terrier?

  9. Bob,

    I have 2 from north of the border, Kim 2, Courtney, steele 2, BJ 2 Matt 6, myself 2. that's 17 4-5 boats depending on whether Courtney comes in her own boat. More later, just got a call from aplumber on one of my jobs.

  10. Will do Bob. I'm on it. Saw your post on the thread too.

  11. Hi Bob,

    I mean it, it would be a pleasure to meet you and take you out on my T37. I think my friend with the Nassau consulted with you before buying the boat. I will look up you email and send you a think I wrote last fall.

  12. Merry Christmas all. Lorrie is deep in restorative sleep. Hope you all have had a good Christmas eve.

    Peace to us all.


  13. Dorag:

    Many thanks for the recipe. I may add some smokey Paprika for some zest. Your recipoe is similar to mine but a bit more complex. I'll give it a try on Friday night.

    Bob P.

  14. Cont...

    Keys to success:

    No fat, thinly trimed steak.

    In a side bowl add flour and sour cream, water, bouillon, pepper.

    In a medium skillet add steak, 'rooms, onion, hot butter and garlic. Heat, stir, drain fat.

    Then add sour cream mixture, cook, serve over noodles.

    Perhaps a full bodied cab.

    Then take a nap.

    The next day, spen...

  15. One of my favorites (receipe for four):

    12 oz boneless sirloin steak (or a filet)

    8 oz dairy sour cream

    2 tblspns flour

    1/2 cup water

    2 tspns instant beef bouillon granules

    1/4 tspn black pepper

    2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms

    1/2 cup chopped medium onion

    1 minced clove garlic

    2 tspns butter

    2 cups hot cooked noodles

    Keys to ...

  16. Bob:

    You were looking for IOR tortured stern photos. This cropped up in a thread today:


    Stephen Jones. Look and weep. And then wonder why they went so well. Hmmmm...

    Toodle pip!

    p_wop, aka Jeremy Walker

  17. Dolphin:

    I posted a rather long, wine filled rant pertaining to things that are important in life, according to me. I left it on the site for a few minutes and I thought you might have seen it. But then I thought twice and decided to revise it heavily. There is just no justification of evaluating everything by comparing it to the death of my son. That's my personal problem. Moon is an ...

  18. Saw your pm this am. Yes did see the slight. I was wondering what crawled under Moondance's skin.

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