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  1. Kim: Why is the fillet tapering like that? It should be constant.
  2. It makes me happy to see the boat coming together. I could use some happy. And Just Bob,,,Fuck off. In a nice sort of friendly way. Sort of. Kinda.
  3. No worries Jose,I speak fluent wine. I didn't even taste the beige dinner. I had Wheaties with a banana. Now that's fine dining. But I will follow up with a big breakfast. The beige dinner is still outside in the crock pot waiting for tomorrow. It still doesn't look like food to me. I am an old fashioned meat man. Lentils and spinach? As ALF once said, "That's what food eats."
  4. Jose: Oh well, maybe the working drawings for the keel and how it is attached. And if you expect me to post them here you are nuts. My client paid good money for that technology and I'm not going to share it with everyone. I know too well that you understand perfectly what I am talking about. I will say that you are probably looking at a drawing that camne before the final keel geometry. Even then the flange was never, ever going to be proud. What do you think we are? A bunch of wankers? Oh yeah, happy mother's day. It's still raining. Hard. I used my Cuisinart slow cooker for t
  5. Black: You are looking at the building of a female mold for the deck.
  6. When we were in Mexico our housekeeper's father raised chickens and she brought in eggs with mud and straw still clinging to them. They were amazing. They were almost iradescent yellow with yokes that stood high off the whites. I ate them everyday I was there. Matt: My boat is in Everett as of yesterday. Yahoo!
  7. Kim: I should be there for the dedication but ND is going to be here at the house with the hungster. Have fun. Wear your kilt. It becomes you.
  8. That "golf tee" rudder was a result of trying to maintain a constant foil throughout the entire rudder and skeg, a nice idea. Brit Chance did some similar skeg/rudder combos. The only way to avoid it was to distort the foil so that the thickness at the rudder stock was constant from top to bottom. We eventually did all of them that way. It was far easier to build.
  9. The "fatty" rudder was what we called a "golf tee" rudder. It was a natural shape to draw if you had a skeg and tried to keep the same foil throughout the entire depth of the rudder and skeg. It was a nightmare to build. Maybe Yves-Marie could explain it better. Thse rudders were long gone before I arrived. They do look funny.
  10. Jim: I'm very sorry to hear that. Radical: The German one tonner you must be thinking about is YDRA and no she was not the prototype for the Texas one tonners. YDRA was the prototype for the Greek built Carter 37's.
  11. Come on Yves-Marie. Tell us the middle of the night snow story please.
  12. That's my memory also. Fred designed the boat. The last time I talked to Dick, about four years ago,he was busy studying Reneseance music and acapela singing. It took me a while to track him down and I have not been able to reach him since. I hate to see him forgotten. I do know his son, Elliot, checks in here from time to time but I don't think he posts. I think Yves-Marie could tell us some wonderful Carter stories starting with the phone call in the middle of the night , from a phone booth, broke, in a snow storm when Yves-Marie landed in the US. I want to hear that one again.
  13. Vandal: Boy, you got me there. I'm going to say no but I will defer to Yves-Marie on that one. I remember that boat.
  14. I'll tell you my favorite Dick Carter story: I left his office and returned to Seattle. I had already started the Valiant 40, CT54 and Islander 28 designs. I had shown Dick my concept for a "fast" double ended cruising boat and he had pretty much laughed it off. About two or three years after the Valiant was introduced I ran into Dick at the Nap Show and I said hello and he got a big grin on his face and said "You were right!" That meant a lot to me. I'd love to talk to him again. He always wore a blue button down collar shirt, grey wool slacks and a blaser that looked like he had sl
  15. Yesterday we had almost the entire crew of RABBIT back together, I had not seen the owner in 30 years. He is a recluse. Unfortunately the occasion was my son's wake but it sure was nice to see old crew members. It was one of those crews where very little had to be said. We considered 6 guys to be a normal crew. That is a great shot of YDRA and one I had not seen before.
  16. Frog: I have to agree with you. RED ROOSTER was ,I think, the sexiest boat of it's day. The lines were drawn by Jim Hartvig Anderson just before Yves-Marie Tanton began doing all the hulls. As I recall. I also thopught FROGATE was a great looking boat. Wish someone would dig up a pic of FRIGATE.
  17. Roger: If you could get ahold of a set of AGGRESSIVE's lines you would find the midsection is almost an expact match to the Valiant 40. Almost. Of course I didn't just trace it but from the deadrise to the tumblehome I used that shape in the midsection.
  18. Yeah heavier probably but the flush deck model was already designed to get the max CGF allowance, as I recall. Thanks for posting the pics. It's fun to look at that old shape again.
  19. Can't think why the "doghouse" in fact, really a cabin trunk, would effect the rating unless that version was just heavier.
  20. Ok, I'll tell you another story. I'm in the mood for looking back. It was the Swiftsure Race of about 1975 RABBIT was the boat to beat and we were a great crew. We were sitting on the boat on Friday about 10am smoking a joint, a fat one, when there appeared in the companionway an old guy in a blaser. It was the pre-race inspection. The owner of the boat, holding the joint, was siting at the nav table so he just opened it up and dropped the still lit joint into the nav table. We all sat there with ,I'm sure, very silly looks on our faces. The old guy came about half way down the com
  21. Roger: believe it or not AGGRESSIVE was the inspiration for the Valiant 40. I sailed on a Carter 39 in Seattle RABBIT for two years. We smoked a lot of pot and we kicked a lot of ass. One regatta we raced one race with four of us. There was a fifth guy below but he was still drunk from the night before. And we one the race. I was a bit hung over too.. I'm certain we all were. Hung over but good sailors. When there are only four of you you don't wait to see who's going to do it you know you have to do it. so it gets done. I can remember waking up one morning on the starboard settee
  22. I bet the sheer could use some work. No more Mr. Nice Guy.
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