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  1. Interesting discussion. I favor K. Aage Nielsen over Olin Stephens. Nielsen drew his designs himself. Olin had a large staff of designers working for him. They were very good and unfortunately get no credit today. When I worked for Dick Carter there was a magazine article on one of our designs. The title of the article was, "FROM THE DRAWING BOARD OF DICK CARTER". Mark Lyndsay, another one of Dick's draftsmen, cut the title out, leaving off the word "from" and glued it to the front edge of his own drawing board.
  2. On the new motor sailer I never considered any mainsail handling system other than Leisure Furl. I've used it on several of my boats and always liked it. I wanted Leisure Furl on the carbon cutters but the client, who had no experience with it, did not. He should have. E: It all depends on the "look" you are after. I have many "looks" in my quiver. I make no attempt to make everyone happy. On FOXTROT and the new motor sailer GYPSY we have hydraulic steering. I have used it countless times. All my Ta Chaio boats had hydraulic steering. It's ok. You get used to it. The turn
  3. E: I figured you were combining some of the background "noise" from the powerboats. FOXTROT has inside steering. There is no sliding companionway hatch. I used that "bubble" to get headroom for a regular door to go below.
  4. E: There is no dodger of any kind on FOXTROT. I have no idea what you think you are seeing but it's obviously not there.
  5. Nick: I agree. I'd estimate another MARLIN could cost 3 million USD at least. I have not looked at the listing.
  6. Bristol: I retain the design rights to all of my designs. For custom boats if the client wants to be certain no one will ever have his boat all he has to do is ask. I have no problem with that. I have only ever had that happen once and that was NIGHT RUNNER. I've had other custom design clients that liked the idea of sister ships. But the fact of the matter is this, I have never found a client that wanted another client's custom boat. These boats are very personal, the new motor sailer is a perfect example. Chances of anyone wanting a replica of that design are pretty much zero. It's like
  7. Student: Mainsheet is lead fwd and down thru the mast to our "winch farm" fwd of the PH to a Harken, push button "in and out" winch. Look at the deck plan. Ease: You sound fairly knowledgeable to me. My bows are all different. I do not have "a bow". But my bows all share the same designer with the same eye for a line. It's inevitable that someone with a keen eye would spot a similarity.
  8. Nick: Yes, I have a good team. There is little we have not considered. That's our job.
  9. Nick: We have port and starboard warping winches on the quarters aft. They have been there all long. They double as sheet winches for a chute. Next.
  10. My motor sailer has bow and stern thrusters.
  11. Ease: I don't even know what my bow shape is. I have so many. Which one are you referring to?
  12. I have always favored bolt on lead keels. But when you have a long chord, low aspect ratio fin like this you have so much volume in the keel that I figure, for cruisers, you might as well go internal ballast and get rid of any concerns about the keel falling off or keel bolt replacement. I like the shape options that a bolt on keel offers.
  13. Rob: I never gave any thought to having the boat stand on its keel. I don't think so. Client did not want a CB. I fought for every inch of draft. The sectional shape is similar to that of the Valiant with generous deadrise but this boat has a wide transom.
  14. Mike: Very interesting. I will certainly consider it. I started using a keel very similar to the one you suggested about 45 years ago. Dave Vacanti developed the foil for me. He called it a "high area coefficient" foil. We had two variations. I needed it because the foils I had been using were too fine aft for internal ballast. I was doing a lot of boats in Taiwan and they all had internal ballast. I needed a higher area coefficient so the laminators could get down into the bottom of the keel. If memory serves I used that foil on NIGHT RUNNER also. The foil for this motor
  15. Beer: Sometimes I look for a photo to add some window dressing to my post. I came across that shot of the Raven while surfing my photo collection the other day. The Raven class is near and dear to my heart. I crewed on a Raven for a coupe of years when I was in high school. We had a six boat Raven fleet in Seattle that actively raced. That boat was a hoot to sail in a breeze. I probably learned more about sailing in the Raven than any other boat. Owner would let me take it out by myself. But he died when he was 36. First friend of mine to die, Bud Stantorf. Truck driver and dog sled
  16. Whinger: That information means nothing without a description of each boat. The design of the boat has a huge effect on how the prop will perform. What kind of boar was your old boat? Fin keel? Full keel? What kind of boat is your new boat?
  17. Motors: In a word, no. Look at the drawings. Where would you put a mizzen? There simply is no reasonable location for a mizzen given the layout of the boat. Simple as that. A ketch was never discussed or considered. I had a really cool, arrogant comeback for you. But I reconsidered. Must be old age. Beer: Yep, my wife did double take when Will came down the first morning wearing a Spike shirt and bib overalls. But I had told him to help himself to Spike's clothes. She got used to it. Zonks: Fred at PYI is well acquainted with the engine we are using. It
  18. Fah: I have no experience at all with the Autostream prop. Thanks for the opinion. I will take a look at the Autostream prop.
  19. Remodel: I will mention your door idea to the team on Sunday Zoom meeting. Thanks. Student: The owners will sleep on the V berth double. It is 6'9" wide at the head. They want room for the dog to sleep with them. It's a very nice dog, same breed as my two dogs, PWD's. I sleep with mine also. Beer: Will and I stay in close contact. He's enjoying life in Anacortes. He'll make a name for himself one day. I do what I can to help. Here is Will at 15 wearing Spike's clothes. He had flown in from Panama in the fall and was freezing. Quality young man.
  20. Sass: I think the effectiveness of the Max Prop in reverse has more to do with the fact that the blades are symmetrical. Most pros have asymmetrical blades that favor the forward gear. They suffer in reverse because they are not designed for reverse.
  21. Thanks for the feedback on the Max Prop. Living in Ballard for 35 years I knew the PYI guys from the start. We were almost neighbors. I have always spec'd their Max Prop since spending a week doing extensive prop tests with various props. My full keel designs all struggle in reverse and the best thing I can do to reduce the problem is spec a Max Prop. They once gave me a very mediocre case of wine. Yes, there will be a bow thruster. With this much freeboard I think it is necessary.
  22. Bgytr: The hull shape of a sailboat of this size does not lend itself to twin screws. You could fit the engines in but you could not walk around them or work on them easily. I have 24" clear space each side of the engine. They would also take volume from where I have wing tanks for 1,000 gals of fuel. This is the engine the client wants. I have the exact opposite experience with Max props. I have used Max props for years on my full keel boats to help cure overly aggressive prop walk. The symmetrical blade of the Max prop make it excellent in reverse. I've sold hundreds of Max props.
  23. Zonks: The curved stairway to the lower level: There is a lift up door there to the engine room. I had a curved stairway when I began. I'll take care of the colors. The searchlight is to dress up the drawing more than anything else. It's me displaying my love of Bill Garden's work. Maybe I should add the axe on the side of the cabin trunk. I never calculate "lead". Haven't in 45 years. It has never made sense to me to turn a very shapely hull and sails with draft into 2D planes. It's not reality. I have my own method. I wanted the mast forward because this boat will only
  24. Panope: I have two portlights in the aft bhd of the PH. I'll make those as big as I can.
  25. Dave: No. I am fixated on in boom furling. I have done several boats with it over the last 20+ years and I like it a lot. Ease: No it does not need the stripe. But with that much freeboard it helps bring the eye down. I will leave the stripe there for now. The stripe is now a white stripe. Maybe that works better for your eye. It's not my style of boat either but the boat is not for me. It's my task to give the client what they want. The client saw this design of mine and asked for something in that style but bigger. He likes this look. I do too.
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