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  1. Voied: No. My client has a berth with a 53' LOA limit. I have used all the LOA allowed for this project. Would more LOA be better? Yes, of course but it's not always an option. Driver: Not for this boat. It would be a good idea though. We will have a 5 blade Max prop 32' DIA.
  2. Longy: Yes I do think Lapworth was that good. This is an entirely different boat to a Cal 46. They have almost nothing in common. My boat weighs 60,000 lbs. and the hull form has considerable deadrise. This boat carries over 1,000 gals of fuel and 210 gals of water. Compare that to what Cal 46 carries. This boat has a 320 hp Cummins diesel. It's a very different boat. I have never heard that comment about the deck being offset before. Interesting. Level: Not on this boat. The gates will open outward. With minimal mental acuity if there is a clearance problem the gates wi
  3. Bull: Just a very basic sloop rig with a low SA/D. In boom furling main. ICW friendly "I". Nothing special.
  4. Zonks; Client wanted 6' draft so he could go everywhere he goes now in his Valiant (which draws about 6'4".) I'd kill for another 4". Seriously. I thought about that style of freeing port but there are other concerns with that high bulwark and I decided to go with the area required for individual freeing ports. Anything can change at this stage. Thanks for the input. That's why I return to CA.
  5. Here are some images of the new 52.5' LOA motor sailer we are working on right now. This 3D work was done by Will Porter, a member of the design team. Also working with me on this challenging project is Neil Racicot and Tim O'Connell. The black shapes in the topsides are freeing ports.
  6. Another: I'm good with that. I'm a bit protective of my work. It's odd to walk into a nice restaurant and see a half dozen of my sail plans framed and mounted on the wall. I have always been happy to provide prints to anyone who wants them. For a reasonable fee of course.
  7. Lous: I suggest you contact Yves-Marie Tanton, He was the head designer in the tower when I worked for Dick. He may have a photo. Best of luck.
  8. Time will tell Schakel. My drawings are my intellectual property and may not be used without my permission.
  9. Guy's Tashiba 36 is probably the best of all those style double enders I have done. It was the last one I did in that style. It's quite quick Maybe you'd like to see the hull lines. Guy has modified the stock rig and now has a double spreader rig. A good move for this race.
  10. Longy: Thanks for that. I guess I'm back where I began with the single sheet headsail.
  11. Jody: My Hoyt boom at this preliminary stage is just a place holder. I will adjust to your profile Thanks for the rendering.
  12. Longy: I have taken your advice and drawn up a sail plan with a Hoyt style boom. We are going to focus on this at this time. It makes sense. Thank you. My question for you Longy is, do you think the pivot point, being aft of the jib tack by 6.8', will work. I can't move it any further forward. Will jib draft increase too much as the boom is let out. BTW: Bruce Gary, from MISCHIEF says hi. He's been helping me for the last year.
  13. Unwashed: I have sent the client three rig drawings, two with self tacking including the Hoyt style boom and one conventional non self tacker rig. We'll see what he says. He's off cruising now in one if my boats. The engine room is 18.5' long with wing tanks P&S for fuel and water. We have 24" min clearance alongside the engine for access. It should be pretty comfy. But engine rooms always have a way of filling up.
  14. Unwashed: Here you go. We have 1,020 gals of fuel and 200 gals of water. Why a double V berth? Because that what the owner wants. He needs a large berth for his wife, himself and their dog. Longy: I'll consider your post on headsail sheeting. You make a good point on the no beating. There will be no club. I'll talk to the owner about it.
  15. Auto: Yes, both the jib and the staysail will be self tacking. I have room for a wide track on deck. The plan now is to use single a sheet, take it up the mast from the track, bring it back down to the deck and lead it to a captive reel winch in the deck box you see just aft of the mast. I'd love to get more LP on the jib but I can't see how I'd do self tacking without a wide track. I hate these self tacking boats with narrow tracks.
  16. Shorelace: Client did not want a ketch. Considering the layout of this boat it never would have been an option. Exactly where would you put the mizzen? Client wants dink on foredeck. Mainsheet will stay as now drawn. At least for a while. Nothing you see here is arbitrary. I have a long list of owner requirements that I am working to. I consider everything in context with those requirements. It's the only way I know how to work.
  17. Nick: That is exactly what I have planned on, captive reel winches for all sheets.
  18. " Is that screw big enough?" What an odd question. Do you think we would spec an undersized prop? Why would we do that? I'm sure it will be revisited but for now I'll go with it. How many blades are you guessing it has?
  19. Dancing around the design spiral. I'm getting dizzy. I like Tim's solution for the mainsheet.
  20. No Razzy: A wishbone would not be my choice. It would work though if interference with the swept spreaders were not an issue. This boat will be a reacher and a runner. I don't see much beating with 300 hp. My buddy Tim O'Connell called and is suggesting moving thee mainsheet forward on the house top and using an arced trav track with single line adjustment. I like this idea. Tim knows sailing hardware and rigging options and has helped me on all my designs over the past 6 years. I have no problem asking for help when I need it.
  21. John B: I have often wondered he very same thing. I think not. Everything I have done has been heavily influenced by the variety of Bill's work in one way or another. Anyone with an eye should see that. I read a book, NO WAGNER NO HITLER. Something like that. I still have it. No Garden no Perry? You could make that argument. I don't disagree. Trying to figure out the mainsheet and vang puzzle now.
  22. The 52.5' GYPSY motor Sailer is coming along. Talking to yards in Maine. Engine will be the Cummins QSL9. 300 hp at very low RPM and great fuel efficiency for 1,500+ miles at 9+ knots.
  23. Last: The 20' gaffer lives on the Oakland Estuary now.
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