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  1. I got jail time on Facebook today. It's nice to be back here on SA where real people talk like real people.
  2. Todd: Best of luck with your R2AK. Let me know if I can help.
  3. I wasn't bothered by being misquoted. These days I have my name attached to so many boats I had nothing to do with I'd go nuts if I let it bother me. What I do like to do is to call the offending broker and pretend I'm interested in the boat I am supposed to have designed. I lead them along until they are truly buried in their own BS quoting me right and left about the boat and then I tell them who I am and listen to them grovel. I'm a mean man.
  4. I most certainly did not say that. What I have said several times is that you have to wear a different hat when judging the aesthetics of multihulls. I like the way my own 54'er looks but that look doesn't give you the condo like accommodations people want today on a cat.
  5. As of Tuesday we are now moving ahead with a slightly larger version of this design. Different layout. Longer LOA. Different stern treatment.
  6. We are moving ahead with a slightly larger version of this design for a sailor ready to make the transition from pure sail to a motor sailer.
  7. I sailed one when they first came out. I was impressed with the performance.
  8. And that is exactly why we own two Portuguese Water dogs. I just happen to be a Newfy fan.
  9. Crash: Yes I'm sure that would be fascinating. But this series is my idea and I have my own criteria for whom I invite. Maybe you should think of doing a series. It's fun.
  10. Fixin: I don't think many people are paying attention to the series outside the Facebook fan club I have. That's a shame. So far it has been very entertaining and informative in a unique way. We have Bill Lee and Bruce King coming up. Bob P. Old Ashfield boy
  11. Here is the Youtube link for the Excellence in Yacht Design series presentation with Kevin Dibley as out guest.
  12. The link to the series is posted on my fan club page. We had a great time with Kevin yesterday. We had a good crowd. Kevin was a window into the Kiwi world of yacht design. He worked with Laurie Davidson for 20 years doing all Laurie's working drawings. He had some great stories. The presentation will be posted on Youtube soon. If I remember I'll post the Youtube link here. But it would be easier if you just paid attention to the posts on the fan club page yourself. The Bill Lee and Bruce King episodes should be memorable.
  13. Beer: Yes, I agree. The amazing thing about these presentations is that the designers say things they would never say standing at a lectern up in front of 45 yacht club members.
  14. Friday 12-10 on the Robert Perry fan Club FB page Kevin Dibley will be our guest with a presentation of his work. This will be the 7th presentation in this series. I just kind of made up the idea one morning. I thought it would be fun and add some spice to my fan club page which was becoming a bit boring. So far the series has been amazing and you can see the previous presentations on Youtube. We have Bill Lee and Bruce King coming up along with a surprise. This has nothing to do with me. I just introduce the guest designer and then get out of the way and let them take over the fan club page f
  15. Dolphin: That knife is Sgian Dubh pronounced "scain doo" a traditional Scottish knife worn tucked in your high sock.
  16. I'm not convinced it would need any stabilizers. It's so narrow I would think the motion would be gentle. The VCG is very low for a powerboat.
  17. Beer: LOA 60' Beam 10.7' 150 hp for 20 knots.
  18. Advocate: I'm doing fine with my stash of Vegemite. Thanks for asking. Busy trying to teach my fan club members, some of them anyway, that frac rigs on cruising boats won't kill you. It's a nice break from trying to teach them that spade rudders won't kill you.
  19. Fact is the Sun 27 was designed by Ed Monk Jr. It was a good boat but not selling well. They hired me to make it more appealing. I added bow rake and changed the transom. That's all I did. I might have done new keel. I forget. Bottom line is that I can't take credit for that design.
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