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  1. Give me design credit?! Sodebo, Macif and Banque Pop didn't even give credit to Guillaume Verdier for his pioneering work using the Foil System on Maserati and Gitana 17-the greatest foiling trimaran of them all. There is no question that Fire Arrow was the first tri of any size to use the remarkable foil system that is revolutionizing trimaran design-check the Fire Arrow thread under multihulls ("High Performance.........") on boatdesign.net where all this is documented. I published the details of the foil system so that anyone who wanted to could use it.(and they did!) The next great ap
  2. Way to go Gitana 17-2hrs over Sodebo ! The extraordinary foil system pioneered by the Fire Arrow Test Model is used by Gitana and Sodebo-don't know about Actual.....
  3. Saying that a Trapeze Power Ballast System "defeats the inherent joys of sailing and racing dinghies" is just completely absurd. What it does is open up the experience to those who, for whatever reason, can't handle the physical demands of a high performance dinghy. Ignoring the potential of a boat designed specifically to use a "Trapeze Power Ballast System" is incredibly short sighted.
  4. correction: " Trapeze Power Ballast System"-it's just a matter of time......
  5. This topic has been raised before but maybe there is some new development? Power Ballast Systems have been proven to work well on RC models and would be ideal on a planing dinghy designed specifically for it. Any news from the dark corners?
  6. http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/content.php?9804-Maserati-Set-For-Flying-Mode-For-Caribbean-Multihull-Challenge
  7. Great news that Gitana 17 is going forward with automatic control of the lifting foil on the daggerboard! Gitana's foil system is nearly identical to the Fire Arrow Foil System which was the first trimaran flying system to incorporate automatic control of the daggerboard lifting foil. In addition, Fire Arrow, was the first trimaran to adopt the automatic altitude control of the foil invented by TNZ for AC 34- followed by Maserati and Gitana 17(and the other Ultims). Pix by Dan Burke---
  8. One of the main elements of the lifting foil on the daggerboard on Gitana ,Maserati, the former and new Banque Pop, and Macif is the capability of the foil to generate downforce up to about 20% of the total righting moment. Gitana will automatically control the flap on this foil in its updated configuration instead of the manual control all the boats now use. Since an autopilot is legal it makes good sense to allow automatic control of foil lift-faster and safer too..... http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/content.php?9766-Gitana-Pulls-Out-Of-Ultim-Class
  9. Congratulations to Gitana(1st) and Macif(2nd) ! The unique foil system on both boats was tested in the conditions experienced in this race and the lifting foil on the daggerboard(capable of substantial downforce) is a major element in the way the system works and a key to high performance in a wide range of conditions. That and the use of UptiP foils on the amas provide a true breakthrough in ocean going trimaran performance. So very cool!!
  10. yes, it is a Revolution Fire Arrow Foil System/ 3D SAILING WOLF https://sailwolffoiler.com/wolf/
  11. Congratualations to Gitana 17 and her remarkable foil system for winning the Brest Atlantique by over 1300 miles!! She flew for around 50% of the time! Gitana Pix by Stickelbaut: Fire Arrow pix by Dan Burke:
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