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  1. No worries, it was not! Network was a proprietary bus that with some devices you could export or input certain NMEA data but it wouldn’t be used in any calculations. For a brief time before it was killed there was a Network NMEA 0183 universal display but all long gone. Discontinued now what, something like 20 years.
  2. Even if it can broadcast 0183 I think you will find that the Network system has no idea what to do with it.
  3. This was on a J90ish, not sure exactly which model but you get the idea.
  4. You can leave the motor down below and run the drive cable up through the cockpit side and attach it to a short tiller arm below the tiller. Yes there is some engineering involved but it really works. if you dig into the nke website there were some more photos posted a few years ago of a similar installation that was done in San Francisco. I found this one
  5. Bandgservice.com in Ft Lauderlale.
  6. Look into the Octopus RS sailboat drive. I’ve seen some very effective installations on tiller steered boats this size. There are some versions that have an internal rudder angle sensor. I know they are compatible with nke so probably will work with the B&G as well.
  7. With the power off you should see 50ohms between the green and white wires in the network.
  8. 2 feet from a speaker is not a perfect spot. Especially if it is on the same horizontal plane. I know that some nke compasses will give you a report on magnetic interference, not sure if B&G has this yet. I would try the location with a temporary, maybe Velcro, mount with a loose cable that you can move around to check if nearing the speaker causes a deflection. good luck.
  9. Having supported H2000 In the US for a long time, a long time ago, something tells me that even though everyone remembers doing it they could not. There are so many benefits to having a bi-directional link from expo to your processor that if you plan to keep it it’s worth jumping through the interface hoops to achieve. The parts you need are cheap. Try A&T in Lymington UK or B&G Service in Ft Lauderdale FL for advice and possibly parts. Once serial ports disappeared on laptops I used the Sealevel USB to serial link for years with no issues. good luck.
  10. What are you really trying to accomplish? Adjust your target speeds in light air? Something else?
  11. Sorry, no specifics but I did hear directly that the precision 9 compass had “issues” and was advised to steer a boat I was consulting with away from it.
  12. Listen to your b&g guy, I have heard the same reservations from very high up in that group. Your general rule of thumb is to buy the best compass you can afford. Solid accurate heading info is key to a well calibrated system.
  13. Sure, no worries, here’s the story. For you and Rasputin. The NC11’s efficiency comes from the some of the same ideas thry’re using in modern cars, the engines are turbo diesels and she’s pretty lightweight for her length, 37.5’ loa @12,000 lbs compared to the similar length Backcove 34 @ 16,500 or 18,000 for the Beneteau Swift Trawler 35. Also very innovative use of space, that bench seat in the stern is on rails so you can have a swim platform or 2’ more cockpit if you want the space, it. Is forward in that photo. The salon also has a few different configurations you can set up d
  14. Hi Bob, I think he was ragging on me not you. It’s been good to see the carbon cutter project progress, good work.
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