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  1. c'mon....I wear my OSHA approved safety sandals most of the summer, and safety squints are always an appropriate solution, right?!?
  2. I had that one as well and still have this version!
  3. E - EatMyFuck. M - He Who Shall Not Be Named = HWSNBN -> "HasBeen"? F - Fucktard. Or FourKnotShitBox. But mostly....Friday!!!!!!! L - Landt
  4. Not sure about "stealth", but from a minimal weight that I want to carry around standpoint.... Bivy sac (aka Bear Burrito) with a lightweight down bag. For comfort I use a silk liner and a thermarest self-inflating pad... An MSR dragonfly and a small pot is the land based equivalent to the bic-lighter/tuna-can boat galley I'm accustomed to. I finally emptied out the "camping gear" closet in the basement a month or so ago and found a dozen sleeping bags, half a dozen tents ranging from the afore-mentioned bear burrito to the 2 room, 8 man bungalow. More stoves and lamps than I car
  5. '01 VR6 GLX. Timing chain guides (issue when I bought the car), then a skipped chain/bent valve (totally my fault - missed threadlock on one bolt during reassembly). I bought a second car for the donor engine and kept all the bits and pieces to deal with what seemed like a constant stream of electrical component failures (door locks, trunk wiring harness, engine sensors, failed dash pixels, failed switches, heated seats, air conditioning, fuel pump and similar. Root cause of most was age and delayed maintenance by previous owners so I can't totally blame VW, but I was expecting the fun fact
  6. Says the guy who drives a Rover?!? Give your head a shake! Benz, yeah -- I hear you, but I find I only have to remember to "Bring My Wallet" if I take the little cars to have someone else to do the work. When I owned my Rorver, I claimed that I kept the German cars around so I had a reliable way to get to the parts store. Of course, then I bought a Jetta....and dedicated a whole shed in my back yard to Jetta spares...or Jetta Ejecta as I took to calling them.
  7. Garden tools should make 2-stroke smoke! I have quite a collection of garden tools.
  8. I am heavily invested in the Makita battery infrastructure and have a stupid inventory of their tools (what's the joke? When I die, I hope my wife doesn't sell my tools for what I told her I paid for them?!?). I have absolutely no complaints about any of the tools, but if I were doing it over, I'd go Milwaukee and have toolboxes full of red. My subjective opinion is that the red tools are just a bit better quality than the sets I have. Most of my corded stationary machines are yellow, and I'm really happy with them. I've not been as happy with Bosch power tools as I hoped to be (I've owne
  9. Totally with you here. For me it was when I was maybe 45...tuning up a sewing machine that my grandmother gave to my daughter. Absolutely killer headache...no understanding of why. Followed up with trying to oil the gears in a clock my grandfather and I made when I was a teenager, headache so bad that I was in bed for a solid day. Went to readers, now have progressives. what a PITA. Added damn hearing aids to the mix this past year because my lovely wife got tired of repeating everything. Side note...I threw away my last LA Country ThomasGuide just about a month ago!
  10. I really miss my Jeep and my Rover, and for a number of years was quite active in the local off-roading community for a number of years. It is true that 4wdrive <> 4w-stop. That's a surprisingly tough concept to pitch to the general world. I think of muscle cars as straight line smoke shows, something that has never been my style. The "sports cars" from my youth that I got some quality seat time in were a '84 GTI and an '85 E30 BMW. I got my son a Jetta VR6 a few years ago, but he decided he didn't like the stickshift and bought himself a GM 4cyl something-or-other that I won't
  11. @#$%. just saw this. Hobot, I'm sending all the positive energy I can muster in your direction. Kick this virus' ass.
  12. Many good comments here... My experience... Ford rangers are pretty good as an all-around pickup, but the automatic transmissions are (were?) notoriously weak. Pre-'97 are very capable for what they are, but by now are pretty bagged out. Exploders....not so much. 2000s era Rangers are pretty good from what I hear (but still not convinced the auto gearboxes are any good. Jeep CJ/YJ/TJ are kind of expensive these days and there's absolutely no room for a large dog. If you could find a LJ, you'd likely be happy. The staight six engines are bulletproof and auto transmissions ar
  13. BMW E46. I'm looking for the right M3 of this era as a daily driver for 9 months out of the year. Last year I found a 325xi for my daughter that has been a rock solid car. Some relatively minor weak spots to look for, but if those are addressed, I believe that any of these great units that just feel "right" to drive.
  14. One dated article, many similar out there: https://www.smh.com.au/technology/the-trick-to-choosing-a-password-thats-easy-to-remember-but-hard-to-crack-20160812-gqr2oe.html Cool site: https://howsecureismypassword.net/ Those wearing tinfoil hats may consider the site to be building a very comprehensive database of passwords, sorted by originating IP address, including browser version, OS version and a brief audio/video clip of your living room. I use a different password for every site and keep those in a database, which is encrypted and secured by a unique password. Most of m
  15. yep. I was in Rochester, MN on a project, expecting to fly home on the 15th. I was driving to the office when I heard on the radio. Spent the day glued to the TV.
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