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  1. Hello? hints of a couple of rumors in Pen Bay. new-old regatta's coming back online. Another regatta shifting destinations, some group brewing something else up as well.. anybody heard anything? Usually I am the first to know!
  2. jessehenry


    So are you sure you want string sails? To start?
  3. jessehenry


    Hi Arr4ws, What type of sailing are you going to do with this boat? Thinking sail choice.
  4. Monhegan coming up this weekend, and Rockland-Castine the following weekend, hope to have many of the Monhegan boats compete in Rockland-Castine, let me know if I can help with Logistics... Rockland-Castine
  5. Yes we did, and we took some notes, as (of course) GMORA (what ever that is) came up a lot. :-) I am not going to get into a big spiel of my take on it all right at this moment as I am still digesting the conversation. But I will and am quite optimistic about enthusiasm and energy looking forward. If I can share one quick takeaway -which will come up more in the future, it is that we all should look at where we are now and why we are here, what got us here?, and then ask if what we are (have been) doing, (following the past) is really for the best? (best= fun, attendance, growt
  6. oh shoot, that meeting did not hppen yet did it?
  7. What would we talk about? The regatta's and races that yacht clubs and businesses are running in Maine these days? and how they can be more fun? That would be good to talk about? No?
  8. no bugs on us.... been holding the meetings there for several years now, love to see you there....
  9. ummm what are we talking about? I am back by the way.
  10. bowtostern is spot on here. To that end, the GMORA Board of Directors sends out a survey to its membership each year, asking for ideas on how to improve the sport, the circuit, the regattas, everything. Now GMORA does not run regattas -- yacht clubs/race organizers run regattas. GMORA's primary purpose is season scoring and promotion. We pass along the input we receive on the survey to member clubs and race organizers. So here is your chance. The survey typically goes out via e-mail to all members of record during the off season. I know it has been discussed at recent board meerings, so it
  11. A few snaps of the fleet as they headed out into the Abyss that is that unknown area outside of Rockland Harbor......
  12. A few of the lads (those who were not already asleep) at RYC yesterday after finishing the race much earlier in the day.
  13. Maine Rocks Race this weekend! 20 boats! Will post pix.
  14. Meanwhile, in Penobscot Bay this weekend, yet more great sailing! After three fun days of racing the final party is over! Results here Pen Bay Rendezvous results
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