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  1. It’s not about the new party getting elected, the 100 know that - it’s about (further) splitting the Republican/conservative voters to break Trump’s influence on the original Republican Party. They won’t stand for losing forever, and they’ll have to move on from all Trumps lies. It’s hard to believe a major party went down this rat hole. Political lies aren’t new for either side, but outright fabricating “reality” is…
  2. I sure hope they follow through. If they form a third party that can attract enough attention to split the votes of Republicans and conservative independents, they can ensure Democrats win. So you know, I am not a Democrat - I'm a lifelong conservative Republican, but I quit the party over Trump in 2019. It's going to take a long time for Republicans to recover, they've lied to their constituents for so long, many of them will believe anything... https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/more-100-republican-former-officials-others-seek-reforms-threaten-new-n1267053
  3. On the light air days I assume a C0 would help them get on the foils downwind at least. In Dec and now Jan we’ve had some races where one or two teams spent a LOT of time in displacement mode with negative VMG. I am guessing headsail changes during a race are unworkable on AC75s, and they can’t go upwind effectively with a C0 - is that why? Looks like the prod might be unnecessary, though it’s a new class so they couldn’t know?
  4. Ben is an accomplished sailor, that doesn’t make him a great AC team principal - very different skill sets. That may be what we’re learning, but too soon to know. Great actors aren’t always great directors. Great football players aren’t always great coaches or commentators. Great tech workers aren’t always great tech managers.
  5. MidPack


    DQOTD, why did they drop the decimeter model name? Cruiser (feet) vs racer/cruiser (decimeter)?
  6. Whether they win or lose doesn’t matter to me, but it’s sad to see a team so far off the pace. Then again, that’s happened with many AC challengers in the past. It has to be excruciating to be in their situation, so I hope they can improve enough to make a better showing in the Prada Cup if nothing else.
  7. I hope you’re right. My program guide for NBCSN 12:30pm tomorrow says Yachting (good) Day 1 (bad) and there’s nothing on Sunday...
  8. I had full live coverage on NBCSN on Thur 1:00-3:00am, Fri & Sat were shown in the guide, all set I thought. Someone woke up at NBCSN I guess, because after Thur there is no coverage - when I went to watch the Fri 1:00-3:00am day 2 coverage - NADA! I haven't found any live streams on YT or elsewhere so I guess all I'll see is the half hour highlight shows after each day, I'm certainly not paying $175 to see it. YMMV
  9. It’ll be interesting to see what they do if wind falls below foiling threshold. They’d look silly sailing AC75 in displacement mode, I have to assume hull shape isn’t optimized for that.
  10. That was my guess, and that we’d never see them used in a race. Thanks! I watch all the YT videos but I hadn’t seen a CZ used. I don’t know if (lower) wind limits will find teams using a CZ to foil. I hope they won’t run a race in displacement mode, would seem a waste. Sorry I haven’t followed close enough to know already...
  11. I did a search and didn’t find anything, apologies if I missed it. So what’s the purpose of the sprit on an AC75, just a spot for an anemometer?
  12. I thought it might be an interesting read for some. As for following up, foul mouthed, close-minded partisan jerks will overrun any substantial thread here. There are some smart people, but they're all instantly drowned out by morons here...
  13. All well enough, but it doesn’t contradict the linked article. Of course all general midterms and Pres elections are referendums. But relative party turnout determines outcomes, not people fundamentally changing their politics. That’s changes VERY slowly (decades) if at all. Actual swing voters, from one party to another, are so rare now they’re not a big factor - turning out “your side” is the whole game now.
  14. I post this just as it's an interesting read, but I may not be back to read the thread as the SA partisans will overrun the thread and ruin it quickly as always here. Think about how wrong the talking heads and pollsters got 2014 and 2016 - 2016 embarrassed the experts, and many still haven't figured out where they went wrong. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/02/06/rachel-bitecofer-profile-election-forecasting-new-theory-108944?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  15. I'm sure there's an obvious answer to some, but interesting only one mast of three showing that issue. Presumably they're all similar, though clearly not the same. Will there ever be a clear sailing video of Yacht A other than this (which shows little to nothing, might be entirely motoring):
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