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  1. don't think the 52's bother to care ... and it's not just SD..any 50ish footers have watched as slagwound wandered around the course and still did just fine in the pickle dish chase. Most of the non 52 have crews that do plenty of OD sailing but enjoy a go of it and beverage on bigger boats thats mostly random leg or point to point with their pals. Most owners don't want to bother with the local PH boards and so the decline continues.....I'll just go sail my "viper, etchells, finn, H 20, sabot, laser, Lehman" etc
  2. jeez, all this time I just thought everyone else was just slower and dumber
  3. we use a string drop all the time on a 30 footer. It's all timing and having the room below. Was a little unnerving the first few times but now it's routine. Also did the tack line take down many moons ago on the 105, worked well if the squirrel sorted the tack line properly after take down (as stated by others)
  4. that's the start time...look ahead and bring warm gear plus another breakfast and lunch
  5. looks like breakfast instead of last call
  6. ker 51, modified again here
  7. who cares btw. happy they are running it and we can choose to go or not. looks like some choosing to not go but taking the opportunity to get together and go sail. why is it a topic?
  8. I don't think it would be a competing race as much as perhaps an organized offshore practice. Going sailing with friends, stuff like that...
  9. wo just posted FB "back in it" "after night of slow..... " HUH? stopped for pie maybe
  10. Now's a good time to look at solid stocks with a good yield. Of course, I've been moving my portfolio in that direction for a few years now but this looks like a good opportunity. T is yielding better than 5,5% right now and I don't see people giving up on connectivity. Ford is over 4%. Both have ups and downs but keep on putting out cash. Index linked ETFs might be good if you are looking for a bounce for day traders. I figured the answer was "brokerages." like Ford still.. load up on financials regardless of when rates change
  11. what companies do well when market jitters and rates go up?
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