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  1. ?breakage after forgetting tow testing?
  2. Looking good in the sun, we are getting the BBQ ready
  3. FOP, when you are done there do you mind nipping over here to the USA to lend us a hand?!
  4. Hi, I really liked your story about sailing in the Great Lakes last year. When are you off for Detroit again?

  5. Keep at it man, we want to see the finished paint! Seriously though, Im sure your anticipation is much greater than ours. At the minute im drafting a six week repair schedule for our old tub that includes too many jobs..
  6. Wow! This thing is like an artwork, she looks beautiful, like she wants to move and sail already. You must feel proud already of the work and what youve achieved, thanks for the inspiration!
  7. Fop, some nice weather you guys are having The Missus and I are headed out to see our boat next week, hopefully we will even hoist some sails on her this year. It must be a good feeling seeing the boat back in the water even if only breifly, she looks happy!
  8. Fop, i feel guilty for enjoying your pictures and for the inspiration they are to me and my project - so i will share one of mine just so you know you are not alone in your love of older boats from the IOR era. This one is one of the 50' from Frers, although by comparison to you what we are doing cannot be called a restoration just a minor refit! Keep up the good effort, its really enjoyable to follow:
  9. Beautiful boat, I always wondered where all the kauri trees went to?! keep up the good work and the posts - really enjoying them!
  10. taking her back to nz eventualy, i bought some deffered maintenance as well. to me she is beautiful, bulges and all:)
  11. last year i bought allegiance ex windquest a frers IOR design from 1985 in aluminium loa 50'. she was originaly built for one of the de vose boys.
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