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  1. If you are "cruising" anywhere near pirates or where you consider taking firearms then your definition of cruising is very different to mine.
  2. But there is no detail. I am waiting until we actually know what is proposed. We know very little at this point.
  3. The cost for all the toxic waste remediation was definitely included, even if it has not yet been done. It's possible they ran out of time after taking so long to decide what to do in the first place.
  4. I don't think anyone has accused Prada of being bad sports since before the Prada Cup final. I personally thought they were worthy challengers and behaved impeccably.
  5. Plus they have mutually consented to the terms and conditions for the match, which is a bit of a give away
  6. Especially formulated for those without reason.
  7. My understanding is that much of the ground under the tanks was full of toxic waste and so that had to be remediated at a high cost. That cost was most definitely included. The works done by the council were not what ETNZ, or the marine community wanted. The plan from ETNZ would have cost slightly more but resulted in 50 % more retained infrastructure in the form of Super yacht facilities, of which Auckland is very short. Instead the council sought to load up cost for which they were liable onto the America's Cup bill, despite a lesser return. There was also a threat of legal action again
  8. But not necessarily my thing.
  9. I can in no way condone or agree with an attempt to impose any control beyond AC37. Dalton is not stupid. He must know it's bullshit. But there has been little or no information regarding what is proposed, so I think it's wise to wait until there are, you know, facts.
  10. Bad luck and a slower boat. Well, mostly it was the boat.
  11. They could just invent one......oh, wait....
  12. Just not true. Most of that went to "infrastructure". $100 million went to remediation of the toxic tank farm, which Auckland council were on the hook for anyway. Propaganda.
  13. Oh.....really. You need to talk to some of his employees
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