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  1. I have used a top down furler in am assymetric without any knots or tangles BUT it takes a shitload of winding to get that thing to furl. On a 24' boat you should be able to furl without a winch and that should work just fine, but you are going to have to load the torsion line up first for many turns of the drum before the top starts to furl. The big advantage is that it's entirely done from the cockpit and you can leave it up furled for short periods, like a race.
  2. Flexofold. Best folding prop ever. Gori are close, but....not quite as good.
  3. https://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f23/french-polynesia-cruiser-problems-226560.html
  4. I believe that the government extended cruising permits to 3 years ( from 1) which led to overcrowding. In addition it may have been a cause celebre for certain local politicians who felt that most of the financial benefit from cruising boats was going to French owned businesses, and not the local Polynesians. Tonga did a similar thing some years ago, but soon reverted.
  5. I am not sure. There is a thread on cruisersforum about this. It looks pretty prohibitive, and may well make any crossing of the South Pacific much more difficult. I believe the restrictions Include atolls in the Tuamotu such as Fakareva. I can't imagine not being able to stop in the Marquesas. That would mean prospectively a trip from Panama to the Cook Islands non stop, something like 5000 miles. Doable, but not optimal.
  6. I have never done it, but I have bumped into people that have done Marqueses to Pitcairn and then Gambier, Tuamotus etc. There will be some upwind, but, the SE trades are quite variable and can blow N of E for a few days at a time. In addition, at the moment there are severe restrictions for cruising boats in French Polynesia meaning it may be difficult or impossible to anchor in many places. This is unrelated to Covid, and may render cruising through French Polynesia nearly impossible.
  7. In addition you can probably get a blade under the plate to cut tye sealer out. Use a cheap flush cut saw and protect the deck with tape.
  8. Isn't it as simple as sailing with a no.2 or 3 just as Zonker suggested?
  9. I know sailing anarchy is somewhat..... robust....but is undiluted racism cool?
  10. In 2019 it was the 250th anniversary of Cook's first visit to NZ. Understandably many Maori did not think this was something to celebrate and took exception.
  11. You can survive almost anything in a wetsnail 32, except the shame and the length of the passage. It's a mildly boat shaped object. And if you do sail one, you are going to have to survive almost anything because you will be out there for months on end. And as for beating off a lee shore......
  12. I think what happened to those hands was not caused by sailing.....
  13. In terms of safety, the only parameter I have seen any evidence for is LWL. Longer waterlines are safer. And that is because if you take any boat, and double it's size, you increase the stability by 16x. I guess heavier boats MAY be built stronger. It's easy to get into a pretty dismal spiral with smaller boats: heavier is slower, so you need more fuel, water, food, which is heavier, so......
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