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  1. Probably kept him sane Ish Gotta admit he is really good at moving big stuff around by himself But his softwood floors were mad and his mast had more shakes in it than a shriner convention Roger, of this parish, who was doing an astonishing job on his centaur, ended up cutting his eight year project into tiny pieces. Now that was a tragedy. D
  2. Making them go away is very easy. One click on the youtube feed and poof....gone This one appeared in my feed as I was looking at Scottish sailing films to see if there was anything new I could say about the place It takes all sorts
  3. The combination of youtube algorithms and its love of bikininis and 4 x a month newness and the patreon system of coughing up per film regardless of quality has had a deleterious effect. It has spurred creativity when attempting to turn an oily sump into a whole episode with sadness, happiness, despair, joy and bad advice. Never did like patron. The dollar per film.... or one pound per film as in the cut man .... has in some measure restored the long tail.... where people got paid for films they made some years in the past. 30,000 paid views on via my website
  4. And this Sign of the times Vloggers giving up the video business
  5. Sailing cadoha $2700 per million views It took them 16 months to get their million
  6. My minstrel has plastic teak in the cockpit I really like it Warm, grippy, slightly soft to sit on Looks okay Certainly nicer than the rubbery, decaying, grey grippy stuff all over the fisher
  7. Know Nuffink bloke buys motorsailor and talks slowly at camera
  8. The films are a marvelous thing...... and free at the point of delivery. They make la vag and the Wynns seem geriatric. Out with old and in with the new D
  9. Ooh I did enjoy the above Monarchy and God ..... both embarrassing bollocks Dylan
  10. They do Mine was a charmer until she was 12 when I suddenly went from most admired man in Britain to arse of the universe. That period lasted until she was 17 when she became wonderful again. During the bad years I would say something that i thought was clever and she would kill me with a single flick of a glance. If you are the father of a teenage daughter, then hang on in there. They do come back.... eventually. my wife explained that she was practising controlling something that is bigger and Dummer than her. d
  11. And the dog thing only has one back leg
  12. If I borrowed money to buy a boat my dad would be pinwheeling in his grave Just could not do it D
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