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  1. She is in Ct and in way better shape then when the previous owner had her . Cheers
  2. looks like the hearing is reopened https://yachtscoring.com/event_protests.cfm
  3. It seems the offsoundings handicapper and one of the PRO s can sail whatever course they want and still win . This is complete bull shit and as very bad show of sportsmanship . We are not even in the same class but it still pisses me off .
  4. 10 as of now . Not sure where we are all going to fit .
  5. Yes she was . Thanks We continue to update/upgrade.
  6. Getting ours ready for Newport Bermuda this year . 51356
  7. I went to high school with this girl . And my buddy took her v . man I miss the big jugs go sammie or is it laura
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