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  1. Association Cup photos ? Check the RYCV website, photos available, FOC, want them in high res? email the club, and still FOC ! Just as is done for the Lipton as well.
  2. Ahhh, Walrus, a trifle harsh, but correct. I think it will take a big failure to knock this into shape, lets hope it happens in 2012, so we can get back to business in 2013. Don't look for them to make last minute changes to encourage entries this time. Such a shame, they must be taking lessons from Alan Joyce at Qantas in 'How to trash a brand in one easy lesson'.
  3. It presents, in a Yacht club environment as an inability to see, understand and act on the bleedin' fucking obvious, especially to ACT! It was fucking blindingly obvious even to a brain dead moron like me that Geelong was building itself a massive fixed cost base when it went "Corporate" and especially when it booted out long term cost free volunteer labor (like the Lions Club caterers) and replaced it with commercial suppliers. It then saddled itself with all the costs associated with "entertaining" the corporate clients and their hangers on, most of whom couldn't give a fuck about the sp
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