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  1. I have a Consew walking foot straight stitch machine that the PO put too large of a pulley wheel on. The pedal was a switch. I went through my parts bin, and found a much smaller wheel. Now, the machine is a dream. Still sews faster than I need it to! I need to get it's twin up to snuff. The needle clamp screw stripped out. I think it needs a new needle bar. It was great to have the second machine lined up with a welt foot for sewing up bolt ropes and luff tapes! I put removable casters on my Adler 166 to make it “Portable”. I can roll it anywhere I need it in my shop! Sometim
  2. There’s a Bernina 217 for sale in the SA Classifieds, in Oxnard. A little bit high in price, but these are damn good machines. It’s not a long arm, but it has the cam for triple stitch zig zag. Very nice for spinnaker work. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/owner-12/
  3. You are unlikely to find a machine that can do both well, especially mixing in spinnaker repair! I have a Bernina 217 and a couple of others for spinnaker work. A Consew straight stitch walking foot for canvas work. And a Adler 166-2 zig-zag for heavy duty work. I’m looking at another Consew Heavy Duty machine for heavy duty straight stitch work.
  4. Sail on William. I had the pleasure to work alongside him for several years. Bill filled in on Scooter several times. If I recall correctly, he had a perfect score the nights that he filled in! He will be missed! @spectator Bill would assemble his bikes, and ride them around the loft floor on the weekends! He did several Solvang Centuries, 100 miler through the hills of the Santa Ynez valley.
  5. A great shop in Goleta (Santa Barbara). I got a lot of the Ti fasteners for Taxi Dancer there! http://www.specialtytoolandbolt.com/
  6. The Bad Elf has twice the battery life. I used mine for point to point racing. I was able to leave mine plugged into ship’s power and leave the unit down below. But, you can’t do that on carbon boats, as the signal won’t go through! The Bad Elf also has a small lcd display, giving speed and cog.
  7. One really cool thing about it is that you can connect several BlueTooth devices at once. It’s battery lasts a long time, and it doesn’t chew up as much battery on the iPad.
  8. I loved my Bad Elf Bluetooth GPS, before I got my cellular iPad. I may just get another for backup!
  9. Tried PMing you, but got blocked! Try PMing me! I have a couple to spare.
  10. A shout out to Charles at Velocitek! A boat in my fleet had an early Pro Start on the boat that they chartered that died. It had not been treated well. My unit was getting a bit tired, I think it’s almost 8 years old?! I called him up a couple of weeks ago, and inquired if he could get me two units out, quickly. He said yes, and they were out the door that afternoon. FedEx boned up the shipping, so they didn’t arrive for the practice regatta, but they got in the following Monday. This wasn’t Velocitek’s fault! The J-70 Worlds start Wednesday, and we got them in time for that! S
  11. https://www.facebook.com/ktla5/videos/280426253565996 This one came up Pacific Avenue, back in April. I heard the sirens and the helicopters coming. I opened the front door of my shop as the raced by. I wondered why the Fire Department vehicle was leading the pack! It wasn't until it came to an end that I found out that the Fire Department vehicle had been stolen and was being chased!
  12. I had mentioned the demise of Blackfin to Dr. Robert Kahn a couple of weeks ago. The other day, Woods Carr posted a picture of Ondine at the finish of the 1973 Transpac. So, I ran into Dr. Bob at California Yacht Club today, where he lives aboard his Cookson built Farr 55 “Jano II”, and showed him the picture. He was very happy to recall the memory! He said “I thinK I was driving when this picture was taken!” He recalled that he had done the Tahiti race on Blackfin with DeMeuse. He also mentioned that there was a rumor that the bilge was filled with gold bars for the previous owners escap
  13. From my fuzzy, rum addled memory, I believe I used 1/4 (6mm) Amsteel Blue, and it wasn’t a tight fit! 5/16” would pass through without any problem! 3/8” might be a tight fit!
  14. The opposite tack. It doesn’t balance out on a upwind/downwind racecourse. You gain 1% on the favored tack, but loose 3% on the unflavored tack! Net Loss!
  15. We wrote in Sharpie underneath “And Owner carries less than $5!”
  16. I used split tubing, applied with a rubber based seam tape. The stanchions were perfectly smooth, with a large radius chamfer. We didn’t feel that the tubing was necessary, but it can’t hurt.
  17. Helmut Jahn was killed in a bicycle accident yesterday. He was 81 years old. He ran one of the most stylish race programs ever, and won many prestigious events. Sail on, Helmut! https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-helmut-jahnfamed-architect-dies-20210509-t4co2a6zd5fxzfiyon2hvcud24-story.html
  18. I did this. It was for a for a friend who is a retired yachtsman who has more miles on the water than 95% of the people here! He and I discussed the pros and cons of the project. He was in the South Pacific and his vinyl coated wire lifelines were bleeding rust. There were several factors in the decision to go with Dyneema. One of the reasons I agreed to do it was that nobody will be hiking on these lifelines! His Genoa and staysail are high clewed, and don’t touch the lifelines. The lifeline holes through the stanchions are smooth, but we added chafe protection as an extra step. It’s o
  19. I sent pictures to Steve Dair and @poncho !
  20. An old customer (~90 years old), brought a suit of Watts Snipe sails into my shop. Egyptian Cotton! He said he put them up once to make sure they fit, and then bagged them up and put them in his garage. Note that the bad is marked “San Pedro”!
  21. More to come! This is a jpg file. Can send you a PDF in higher resolution.
  22. Yeah, I just need to find where I put it! I’m pretty sure I know where it is!
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