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  1. Andraz mentioned you all were trying to get a few fully crewed SSC27's in the Chi-Mac for this years race (2-4 boats). You guys should do really well with the right conditions. Would love to see this boat take off in the Great Lakes.
  2. Congrats on your SSC27 - would love to get out and sail with you this year! I spoke with Andraz & Tit at length in Dusseldorf and this boat certainly ticks off almost all of the boxes on my list. However it will still be a bit before I can pull the trigger. Have a Great Season!!
  3. I'm not a boat salesman, nor do I play one on TV. But, I'll hopefully be stopping by the show on Saturday and will try to get some pics of all of the Seascape line and get them posted when I get a chance. I personally have no interest in the other boat that keeps stepping on this thread and any interest I may have had has descreased by all of the boorish posts.
  4. We fill it in "one pee at a time".
  5. ESL = English as a Second Language, ELL= English Language Learners It wouldn't be a Scrambled post if he didn't leave us guessing.
  6. I guess I had missed the post on not clearing customs in time. Major Bummer! I checked the results for KW and only saw the DNC's. Was looking forward to seeing some results from the Seascape in that class. Hope you have some time on the water soon and get things sorted out. Lot's of interest in this boat.
  7. Nah, It was funny. I won't be at the party on Friday so I'll see you and all you other clowns up on the Island - and everyone from Circus, too I'm missing this year. We have a gig on Saturday at the Frankfort Bluegrass Fest (great line-up, despite the fact we're booked) http://www.frankfortbluegrassfest.com/Schedule.html & my daughters 21st birthday on Sunday. Sail fast - Have fun
  8. "Once aboard ship, he was tragically hip, and did sail with Rod down to El Squid Roe"
  9. Happy Turkey Day Grinder & Circus Clowns - I was just walking around a lake south of Traverse City thinking how lucky we all are to sail a play around some of the best water on earth. Life is Good!
  10. Good batch of new pictures on Seascape's FB page. https://www.facebook.com/Seascap27 Direct link to pics http://frederic-auge...0000n9TpYO2lz9g
  11. Hope those of you on the East Coast come through this OK. Interesting link for a video loop from Tom Skillings Weather blog. Predicted wave heights on Lake Michigan during the storm to the east. http://www.glerl.noa...param=wv&type=f AP, 4 hours ago HOLLAND, Mich. (AP) -- Severe weather bearing down on the Eastern Seaboard could lead to waves as high as 33 feet on parts of Lake Michigan and dangerous conditions on other Great Lakes. The National Weather Service has issued Great Lakes gale and storm warnings in effect through Wednesday. It says waves on Lake Michi
  12. biogrove


    Get an FT10 until they build what you're looking for. Not very cruisy but a great daysailor and certainly quick around the cans. We had a blast at the recent Verve Cup with a 6 boat fleet. I agree that the Andrews 28 looks great but it certainly won't offer any 1 design probability anytime soon.
  13. I would be surprised if we are sent out too, no need to see how good the USCG is. If we do go hope the RC packs plenty of Dramamine! I would guess we start the day under postponement, and cancel by noonish. Lot's of snacks, cold beer, and phone batteries needing recharged will be the order of the day. The key will be to get 4 or 5 races in on Saturday, 'cause Sunday looks like a drifter at this point. Hopefully that will change. Hello race committees - Saturday is your day to show us how well you can run a 3 day regatta in a day and a half.
  14. With the weather forecast, there'll likely be lot's of folks looking for weight on the rail for Friday. .friday...northeast winds to 30 kt. waves 5 to 8 ft. Sounds exhilarating!!
  15. Not sure what their stock is but this is the 2nd or 3rd lot of 10 that Spinlock has put on ebay. Might be worth keeping an eye out for the next batch. May get different sizes next time.
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