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  1. The perfect dry martini is to think about the vermouth as you sip the gin.
  2. Just give them counterfeit cash!
  3. All is right with the world again! Welcome back Hobot! We missed you!
  4. Wondering if someone might sneak in and blow it up, just for the hell of it!
  5. Finally, a glass-hulled boat so everyone will see the bowman boinking the owner's daughter (or wife)!
  6. Mass ignore is the proper way, and democratic at that. If we all choose to ignore him, then he will tire of sending out posts that get no responses, and move on to some other forum.
  7. Well these diamonds on my windshield And these tears from heaven Well I'm pulling into town on the Interstate I got a steel train in the rain And the wind bites my cheek through the wing And it's these late nights and this freeway flying It always makes me sing There's a Duster tryin' to change my tune He's pulling up fast on the right Rolling restlessly by a twenty-four hour moon And a Wisconsin hiker with a cue-ball head He's wishing he was home in a Wiscosin bed But there's fifteen feet of snow in the East Colder then a welldigger's ass And it's c
  8. Brand new bird sanctuary.
  9. I keep trying to ignore, but I can't help but come back. I must be an ignorolic.
  10. Drinking is too short term. Cussing may actually help you feel a bit less angry; https://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/swearing-is-surprisingly-good-for-your-brain-according-to-science.html#:~:text=1.,discomfort better than not swearing.
  11. This ban has been on the books since 2010. Someone over at GM dropped the ball.
  12. I am extremely impressed by the sheer volume of ignore-ance on display here!
  13. I like short and to the point, such as chocolate starfish.
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